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Bio-first – Lip Sore Cream


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes organic pumpkin seed, seabuckthorn fruit, hemp, rosehip and calendula oils in an organic shea butter, jojoba oil and sunflower oil base.
Proudly made in Australia, Bio First products are all-natural and toxic-free, aligning with the NATRUE definition of natural ingredients and independently validated as toxic-free by Safe Cosmetics Australia and Think Dirty. The brand’s products are made in GMP compliant and accredited facilities that operate under Australian labour laws. Bio First sources ingredients globally from reputable and sustainable sources.
Only raw materials that are sustainably grown or harvested are sourced by Bio First. All packaging - from bottles through to inner and shipper cartons - are recyclable. When shipping, paper or cardboard dunnage and eco tape is used. The brand is actively exploring using Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic packaging and are also exploring ways to offset their carbon footprint.
Being an Australian company, Bio First put local Australian suppliers and companies first for manufacturing, product packaging and marketing activities. The brand also works to donate their natural remedies to those in need, including new mothers, flood victims in northern NSW and local Aboriginal communities in the areas where some of the brand’s ingredients are sourced.

What our experts say...


What a smart idea – almost everyone is at risk of cold sores so having a natural alternative that works is great. You don’t need to have a cold sore to like this product though. It has more staying power than many other balms. I really like that Bio-first is donating back to some of the areas they source their ingredients from.

–Sarah Berry


I wish I could use this product regularly!! When you put it on your lips it has that tingly plumping lip feeling without the nasty chemicals and it keeps your lips so hydrated. It’d be interesting to see this work with cold sores if I get them in the future. It’s nice to see a natural cold sore cream on the market!

–Catherine Jia


The texture and scent were good. It went on smoothly and stayed, which is what you need for sores and hot spots. My child didn’t recoil when I applied it to a dry spot on his chin, which means it doesn’t smart or smell too strong either. I couldn’t test if it calmed lip sores because I didn’t have any when trialling them but it worked well on extreme dryness on my chin. It’s fantastic that they have the Safe Cosmetics Australia and Think Dirty validations.

–Jessica Teas

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