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Bio First – Lip Sore Cream


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes manuka, kanuka and sandalwood oils in a jojoba butter base.
Proudly made in Australia, Bio First products are all-natural, toxic-free and made in GMP compliant and accredited facilities that operate under Australian labour laws. Bio First sources ingredients globally from reputable and sustainable sources.
Only raw materials that are sustainably grown or harvested are sourced by Bio First. All packaging - from bottles through to inner and shipper cartons - are recyclable. When shipping, paper or cardboard dunnage and eco tape is used.
Being an Australian company, Bio First put local Australian suppliers and companies first for manufacturing, product packaging and marketing activities.

What our experts say...

The medicinal quality is clear from the first application. To discover that there is a natural alternative for such a common problem was a real delight. The feel on the skin is so nourishing and nurturing, even when not suffering a specific affliction – same with the scent – natural, herbal, healing and a real pleasure. Thrilled to see the brand’s focus on local manufacture. And that their social responsibility philosophies cover everything from trade practices to ingredients to shipping choices.

– Amy Starr

The product has a wonderful scent (due to the sandalwood) and a nourishing texture. I also like Bio First’s choice of key ingredients. I like that they are supporting local businesses and communities instead of outsourcing from China, as well as the fact that they are trying to give back by finding ways to provide free products to those in need.

–Neha Hobson

I gifted this to my neighbour who suffers an autoimmune condition that makes her lips sore on the regular. She couldn’t believe how well the natural ingredients alleviated her lip sores. In a hygienic tube that squeezes the product out (rather than digging into a tub or direct to the lips) she’s keeping this handy for the next time a lip sore comes up. Love the ethos of putting Australia first and from all natural ingredients.

– Amy Hughes

Bio First very cleverly uses specifically chosen active plant extracts in this formulation which scientific research has found could be effective against the herpes virus. Combined together, this is a very potent natural anti-cold sore cream which is still gentle on the skin and protective at the same time. Highly recommended if you suffer from cold sores.

–Emily Fletcher

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