Bio First – Liquid Health Syrup

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Editor's Choice
Made from excellent ingredients including concentrated elderberry and blackcurrant juices as well as UMF10+ Manuka honey.
Bio First’s facilities are fully GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant and accredited and operate under Australian labour laws. The brand focuses on creating products that are all-natural and free of toxic substances. Being an Australian company, Bio First seeks to engage local suppliers, manufacturers and marketing agencies.
Bio First only sources raw materials that are sustainably grown/harvested and from suppliers that take sustainability initiatives seriously. All of the brand's packaging from bottles through to inner cartons and shipper cartons are recyclable. In addition, their shipping materials include paper/cardboard dunnage and eco tape for all shipments.
Bio First is currently exploring how to provide products free of charge to those that most need it.

What our experts say...

I tried this product when the family had a cold and we all loved it. Very easy to give to kids and it seemed to help us all get over the cold quickly. I love that the brand uses Australian packaging and high grade manuka honey as a sweetener.

– Jade Woodd

It tastes fresh, not ‘sickly’ and ‘syrupy’ like some products and I loved having it with a splash of soda water. I am impressed that the brand purchases their packaging from Australia, as this is a huge undertaking financially.

– Rebecca Sullivan

With a slight astringent but delicious honey softened sourness, this wonderful health syrup contains a highly concentrated mix of powerhouse ingredients. It is packed with vitamin C, antioxidants and anthocyanins along with active Manuka Honey. It’s everything I could hope to give myself and my children when they are sick to naturally boost their immune system. I feel very grateful to have found such a potent, carefully formulated elixir and will endeavour to always keep a supply at hand.

– Emily Fletcher

This crimson coloured syrup is made up of a myriad of superfruits and therapeutic grade Manuka Honey. The beautifully bold, bittersweet flavoured liquid may easily be added to a glass of water for a subtle tasting immune booster the whole family will enjoy.

– Dominique Scott

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