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Bio-First – Manuka Skin Saver



A natural, non-toxic and steroid-free gel designed to calm, nourish, and moisturise irritated, red, itchy, or dry skin. Winner of the 2021 Organic Beauty Award for Best Clean™ Manuka Remedies and Highly Commended at the 2022 Global Green Beauty Awards for Best Honey Based Product.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including Manuka honey, milk thistle and aloe vera.
Australian brand Bio-First produces all-natural and toxic-free products, meeting the NATRUE definition of natural ingredients. The brand's products are independently validated as toxic-free by Safe Cosmetics Australia and Think Dirty and are made in GMP compliant facilities that operate under Australian labour laws. Bio-First sources ingredients globally from reputable and sustainable sources.
Bio-First sources only sustainably grown or harvested raw materials and uses recyclable packaging such as bottles, inner and shipper cartons, paper or cardboard dunnage and eco tape. The brand is exploring the use of Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic packaging and ways to offset their carbon footprint.
Bio-First prioritises local suppliers and companies for manufacturing, packaging, and marketing activities. The brand donates their natural remedies to new mothers, breast cancer patients, and local Aboriginal communities. Bio-First also sources some of its ingredients from these communities.

Product reviews from our experts…


Like many of Bio-First’s other products, this one comes in an airless pump, which I love to prevent bacterial contamination. This is especially important if you have a compromised skin barrier, which people with ultra-sensitive or sensitised skin have! The cream itself is really nice. I love seeing Aloe Vera as the first ingredient. It’s ultra calming and means you’re getting more actives for your money when water isn’t the first listed ingredient. Glycerin and Manuka Honey are next up on the list, with great humectant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. When I used this on my skin it disappeared quickly with a cooling, light texture and light moisturising effect that seemed to calm my complexion. It quelled some redness and itchiness I had on a wrist as well from an irritating accessory I’d worn. Overall a great quick topical that has moisturising benefits for irritated skin.

I also appreciate that they comply with a variety of international standards when it comes to the quality of their ingredients, which is a great first step, and they use lower-wasting shipping materials, including eco-tape. I’m glad to hear they’re exploring ways to incorporate post-consumer recycled plastics into their product packaging!

–Jessica Teas


What I loved most about Bio-First Manuka Skin Saver is that the salve works. It is absolutely amazing and instantly soothed, nourishing my distressed, irritated, red, itchy or dry skin. I’d had a reaction to another product and this Beauty totally saved me. An excellent all-rounder and multi-use salve, great for grazes and burns (yes I have sons!) I even used it on my lips – Excellent product!

I am especially impressed by Bio-Firsts commitment to prioritising Australian local suppliers and companies for manufacturing, packaging, and marketing activities. A real home-grown Australian brand. I also love that they donate to breast cancer patients and can imagine this brand being a really welcome relief to so many of those patients.

–Amanda Ramsay


An ultra fast acting nourishing and slight honey smelling balm that calms skin. I found you dont need to use much for it to work very well. Perfect for when your skin needs that extra boost of nourishment. I also appreciate that nature is at the centre of the ingredients and making of this product!

–Corrine Sultana

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