Bio First - ‘Self Heal’ Oral Spray

RRP: $25.00

Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes Self Heal, Thyme, Pomegranate and Aloe Vera.
Bio First’s facilities are fully GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant and accredited and operate under Australian labour laws. The brand focuses on creating products that are all-natural and free of toxic substances. Being an Australian company, Bio First seeks to engage local suppliers, manufacturers and marketing agencies.
Bio First only sources raw materials that are sustainably grown/harvested and from suppliers that take sustainability initiatives seriously. All of the brand's packaging from bottles through to inner cartons and shipper cartons are recyclable. In addition, their shipping materials include paper/cardboard dunnage and eco tape for all shipments.
Bio First is currently exploring how to provide products free of charge to those that most need it.

What our experts say...

I really like how easy this spray is to use and the nice, sweet and tangy taste. The packaging is nice and small enough to be kept in my bag and on the go. It has a nice directed spray that isn’t too strong and great to use. I really like that the brand uses non toxic and raw materials in their product and that they make a great effort to source, manufacture and market their product in Australia, creating greater employment opportunities.

–Stephanie Kurlow

My children managed to open this package before me and they LOVED the spray. This surprised me because it’s not a sweet taste as such. It has been well used this winter and our household managed to not really get many sicknesses. Like many mums, I was curious about the ingredients and I give the info on the Bio First website a 10/10. It resonates with my own values because like many mums we care what chemicals/ingredients go into our children’s bodies. I fully support and recommend this spray.

–Petria Leggo-Field

A handy little spray that tastes delicious (unlike so many natural sprays!) and designed to support your immune system. I suffer from a random sore throat with no explainable cause. I sprayed this 3 times in 12 hours and my throat felt great again. Look forward to trying it long term and getting the rewards of an immune boost more often. Great use of trying to use as many Australian suppliers as possible.

– Corrine Sultana

I love that I can pop this in my bag when I feel like we’re battling something and I can give us a boost of potent research backed nutrients to provide antiviral, antimicrobial and immune support, whilst on the run. My children love the spray and happily wait with their tongues out ready. I really like that the spray enables me to specifically target the tonsil area as well. Really delicious and with high quality active ingredients. Highly recommended.

–Emily Fletcher

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