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Bio-First – UltraSensitive Skin Rescue Lotion



Natural, hypoallergenic moisturiser for face and body. pH balanced formula enhances skin barrier function, promotes healthy skin microflora, and restores hydration. Dermatologist certified for sensitive skin, it is non-irritating and non-sensitising. Ideal for those with eczema-prone skin. Finally, reset your skin!

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including papaya, cucumber, green tea and seabuckthorn extracts.
Australian brand Bio-First produces all-natural and toxic-free products, meeting the NATRUE definition of natural ingredients. The brand's products are independently validated as toxic-free by Safe Cosmetics Australia and Think Dirty and are made in GMP compliant facilities that operate under Australian labour laws. Bio-First sources ingredients globally from reputable and sustainable sources.
Bio-First sources only sustainably grown or harvested raw materials and uses recyclable packaging such as bottles, inner and shipper cartons, paper or cardboard dunnage and eco tape. The brand is exploring the use of Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic packaging and ways to offset their carbon footprint.
Bio-First prioritises local suppliers and brands for manufacturing, packaging, and marketing activities. The brand donates their natural remedies to new mothers, breast cancer patients, and local Aboriginal communities. Bio-First sources some of its ingredients from these communities.

Product reviews from our experts…


The cream comes in an airless pump and one pump gives enough of the medium-weight cream to cover both face and neck easily. The cream disperses smoothly and evenly when massaged in and absorbs quickly to leave a moisturised, non-greasy finish. It feels light on the skin and provided lasting moisture. When I used it, I didn’t get the feeling I had to reapply it, which can happen with some face creams that don’t have the right balance of humectants (the things that draw hydration to your skin) and occlusives (the things that lock it in). This one was perfectly balanced, long lasting and non irritating. It was a great base for makeup and didn’t pill no matter how much I rubbed it after application. The addition of probiotics in the form of papaya fruit ferment extract, among a slew of other calming and high-powered moisturising ingredients, means it helps your skin flora as well, which is really important for folks who have issues like Rosacea.

They comply with a variety of international standards when it comes to the quality of their ingredients, which is a great first step, and they use lower-wasting shipping materials, including eco-tape. I’m also glad to hear they’re exploring out to incorporate post-consumer recycled plastics into their product packaging.

–Jessica Teas


This cream is lovely to apply. It glides on and absorbs quickly leaving the skin feeling hydrated without irritation.

I love that BIO-FIRST are independently validated as toxic-free by Safe Cosmetics Australia and Think Dirty so you can be assured the ingredients are safe for use. Also happy to read that they are looking into making the packaging more sustainable.

–Ash Quinn


Excellent daily use moisturising cream that absorbs in quickly and helps stressed skin feel supported. Its nourishing but not too thick

Nature is at the centre of the ingredients and making of this product.

–Corrine Sultana

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