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Biode – Natural Deodorant – Into The Woods


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic eucalyptus and clove bud in an organic shea butter and coconut oil base.
Biode products are ethically manufactured in Australia using 100% Natural and Organic ingredients. Their products are vegan, not tested on animals and are synthetic and toxin-free. The brand researches all their ingredients and only uses natural, clean, effective, and high-quality ingredients that our body can actually use and mother nature can easily digest.
All of Biode’s products are designed to return to the earth with as little or no impact on our planet as possible. The brand’s products are designed to be multi-purpose and their packaging is made from 100% post consumer-waste papers and are printed with vegetable-based inks, making it home-compostable. Biode’s seed tags have been made with recycled office paper and are designed to go straight in the ground.
Biode aims to educate the community on how to be environmentally friendly, how to give back to the Earth and how to compost and recycle our products. In addition, to provide effective natural solutions for everyday products that are good for you, and good for the earth. The brand’s seed tags are designed to go straight in the ground and to encourage individuals to plant a tree!

What our experts say...

The effectiveness and smell of this product was the best deodorant I’ve ever used. It lasted all day, even after I went to the gym. Really cool packaging too. Biode’s care for the environment is clear and at the forefront of their business. but they also don’t sacrifice the quality of their ingredients just for ethical reasons. I also love the innovative use of the seed tags from recycled office paper.

–Luke McLeod

I really liked the recycled paper packaging, the compostable product is a really clever and wonderful addition. I like that it uses all natural ingredients and the size is really convenient. I love a company that knows where it is focusing its socially responsible energies. Environmental sustainability is an important business practice to encourage and it is wonderful to see a company putting these issues front and center.

–Josh Reid Jones

Earthy, woody and with a eucalyptus kick, this is a powerful and effective natural deodorant. Easy to apply in a tube, my husband really likes this. I love that the tube is home compostable and really admire Biode for planting a tree with each order.

– Emily Fletcher

Into The Woods’ by Biode is wonderfully packaged in a biodegradable tube, which allows for easy application. As the name suggests, the deodorant’s woody essential oil blend creates the sense of walking through a eucalyptus forest and equips you with the underarm protection to take on any adventure confidently.

–Dominique Scott

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