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Black Chicken – Hand Sanitiser


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.
Black Chicken Remedies discloses all ingredients used within products and makes all products in Australia. Accessories are manufactured overseas but stringent protocols are in place to ensure manufacturers are ethical.
Black Chicken Remedies posts all packages out in 100% recyclable boxes and is committed to providing environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging. In partnership with TerraCycle, customers can return their used contains for a $10 e-gift card.
Black Chicken Remedies are proudly part of PETA’s ‘Global Beauty Without Bunnies’ Program. They have also taken part in the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Mighty Acts of Pinkness campaign, where bespoke products were created as a pay-it-forward gifting option. Black Chicken Remedies created their own guide to natural beauty as a free online download to help educate consumers about toxic ingredients.

What our experts say...

I really love the citrus scent of this product and how fine the spray is. The packaging label is minimalist and sleek which I love. The spray function is very easy to use and the product spreads nice and evenly on my hands and is perfect for surfaces. I love the recycling initiative that Black Chicken have collaborated on to provide $10 vouchers when their used products are sent back to be recycled. They also seem committed to using natural, cruelty free and vegan ingredients.

– Stephanie Kurlow

This is a delightful highly concentrated hand sanitiser which also contains essential oils specially chosen for their antiseptic and mood boosting properties. I really appreciate the larger bottle size and also the calming effect of the scent given the underlying anxiety of the times we’re living in. A really lovely hand sanitiser choice. Highly recommended.

–Emily Fletcher

The packaging is striking and is something I’d be happy to have in my bathroom on display. The smell is lovely and I loved that it is in a spray rather than a gel. The eczema on my hands is really sensitive to sanitisers (thanks COVID) and a fine mist like this one is a lot less painful to use.

–Sam Christian

On top of their attempt to create non-toxic products, this product smells great – so minty.  The glass bottle is very durable and overall easy to use. I think the Social Responsibility Statement definitely creates an impression that their product is safe and I appreciate Black Chicken doing a lot of education around toxins in the beauty industry. As a TerraCycle user I support the buy back/discount for the exchange system too.

–Ria Andriani

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