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Black Chicken – Love Your Body Polish


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes avocado, rosehip and hazelnut oils with Himalayan pink salt.
Black Chicken Remedies discloses all ingredients used within products and makes all products in Australia. Accessories are manufactured overseas but stringent protocols are in place to ensure manufacturers are ethical.
Black Chicken Remedies posts all packages out in 100% recyclable boxes and is committed to providing environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging. In partnership with TerraCycle, customers can return their used contains for a $10 e-gift card.
Black Chicken Remedies are proudly part of PETA’s ‘Global Beauty Without Bunnies’ Program. They have also taken part in the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Mighty Acts of Pinkness campaign, where bespoke products were created as a pay-it-forward gifting option. Black Chicken Remedies created their own guide to natural beauty as a free online download to help educate consumers about toxic ingredients.

What our experts say...

Its subtle scent defied how much of a punch this polish packed. Silky smooth skin every time. I loved it.

–Sarah Berry

Love Your Body Polish does just that… loves your body! I was excited to see that this product is made using Himalayan salt and beautiful natural, palm oil free ingredients that leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised. I also love Black Chicken’s commitment to worthwhile causes and to encouraging recycling via their partnership with TerraCycle.

– Niccii Kugler

This body polish gives a wonderful exfoliation and you can feel the Himalayan pink salt doing its work. The oils in it are not too feminine in scent so this is a good option for anyone who prefers the less floral fragrances. Love that they’ve created a guide about toxic ingredients in the beauty industry. Education is wonderful.

–Fiona Morouco

I love that this is gentle enough I don’t have to use a mit, but it effectively sloughs away old skin leaving my skin baby smooth and soft. Pre-mixed with one of my favourite oils – the Love Your Body oil, it leaves my skin glowing, hydrated and with the light scent of uplifting aromatherapy oils, which are nourishing for both my body and mind. I really admire Black Chicken for encouraging their customers to recycle by offering gift cards for returned containers.

–Emily Fletcher

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