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Bloom & Grow Australia – Ergobaby Aerloom Baby Carrier


Made from post-consumer recycled polyester. Each carrier reuses 26 post-consumer, recycled plastic bottles (with cap).
Ergobaby factories hold highly regarded social compliance certifications assured by third party auditors. Their partner in India donates funding to local schools and communities and they recognize the importance of creating a fair and equitable place to work for women. They work with supply chain partners to ensure workers are treated fairly and work in safe and healthy conditions. Bluesign monitors and certifies the complex journey of materials from factory to final product, helping factories reduce water, energy, and chemical use plus minimize water and air emissions.
Ergobaby reduces material wastage by using 3D knitting to create every panel to shape. Their FormaKnit fabric is made of recycled polyester and each Aerloom™ carrier utilizes up to 26 plastic water bottles. Each carrier is packaged in a recyclable, shipper box. They reduce environmental impact through better designs, more sustainable raw materials, innovative manufacturing techniques, and simplified packaging. They also establish reduction goals to reduce their carbon footprint and are growing their circular system Everlove to keep carriers in use.
As a global company based in Los Angeles, Ergobaby feel it is their responsibility to give back to organizations that serve families in their own community, as well as across the globe They identified charity partners working with families and for a period of time during the height of the Covid-19 crisis 5% of sales were donated to those organizations.

What our experts say...


I like how lightweight and comfortable it felt to wear. My baby seemed to be comfortable too, because he went straight to sleep. Neither of us got too hot either while wearing it which was a big plus. I love that Bloom and Grow helps charities and those in need especially during such an uncertain time.

–Claire Karlson


I found this carrier really comfortable and sturdy. It’s the only one of our baby carriers my husband will use and it’s firm but breathable – lots of air flow means we can have great adventures without overheating (we are in QLD so baby wearing can be a sweaty business). The design is also beautiful and I love the choice of fabric as it’s functional but also fashionable. Looking into the product further it is great to know it is made with so many recycled products, so I can feel confident as a consumer that I am not contributing to over consumption. Their everuse initiative is also something I really love.

–Courtney Dow


I used an Ergobaby for both my children and wore them close every single day for many years. Not only did this increase our bond by having them near, but it increased my fitness, whilst looking after my back and posture. I love that the Aerloom is so breathable, this really works well for keeping bub (and you!) cool. It’s also amazing that it now has fittings for a newborn, without an additional insert required, as this makes it so much easier. Thoughtfully designed and exceptionally well executed. This is a must have for every new mum.

–Emily Fletcher

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