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Bluem – Finger Lime – Repair Serum


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. 99.8% Active Finger Lime Fruit Extract
Everything produced by Bluem is certified vegan, cruelty free, carbon neutral, organic, fair-trade, made right here in Australia, and first nations farmed. Their hero products utilise 100% native ingredients that are wild harvested or locally grown. Bluem is passionate about healing and reconnecting with the traditional custodians of the land, honouring ancient farming practices, harvesting in priority for the longevity of the plant, seasonally harvesting to maintain quality and potency and supporting indigenous land ownership. Their Fingerlime is grown, harvested and processed within a 150km radius (SUPER local) using innovative science to deliver it in its most natural and potent form. Bluem's reach is also 100% organic and self funded.
Every formulation at Bluem is based on the fundamental principle of biomimicry. Essentially, they look to emulate Mother Nature to create solutions. Bluem is safe to use for the whole family, including pregnant women and children. They are fixated on capturing as pure a concentration of nature as possible. This means real fruits, natural preservatives, and the most innovative technology. The farms they harvest from utilise tried-and-true farming practices that protect the planet, and respect the custodians of these lands. They ensure that there are no harmful chemicals touching crops, and nothing to stop Mother Nature from working as intended.
Keeping the entire process from seed to skin Australian Made ensures full traceability across the entire product line allowing Bluem to uphold the highest Fair Trade standards globally. They know their farmers personally and ensure their entire network is not only value aligned but earns an above average wage.. Bluem have donated over 5% of SALES (not profit) to assisting & amplifying sustainable causes and continue to reinvest higher percentages each year to innovation and charity.

What our experts say...


Best used at night, this divine serum has a viscous texture and a subtle citrus scent. Its main ingredient (99.8%) native finger lime, makes it super hydrating. I really appreciate that the product’s main ingredient has been grown and harvested locally in accordance with first nations practices.

–Emma Freeman


I haven’t seen a product use recycled rainwater before – that’s extremely awesome! A brand that’s committed to upholding ethical and sustainable values through ensuring their workers are earning above a minimum wage – how incredible!!

–Catherine Jia


The concept of pure plant potions, meaning, the focus on a sole ingredient and all that it has to offer in terms of purity and potency, as well as the silkiness of the serum is wonderful. The founder making a tangible difference in stopping animal testing/cruelty in cosmetics, speaks to me deeply. Also, I love their focus on self-love, clean and minimalist formulations (sometimes involving just one ingredient in high potency and purity), and incorporation of traditional practices is very appealing. The artwork and logo on their packaging is beautiful, and also clearly lists their philosophies and values on the bottle itself which is a very clear reminder about the brand’s values. They also seem very passionate about fair trade standards and the quality of their ingredients (wild-harvested and locally grown).

–Neha Hobson

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