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Bohemi Handcrafted – 100% Hemp Dog Collar & Lead


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. Includes 100% Organic hemp webbing and a vegan cork leather label.
Bohemi Handcrafted only uses ethically sourced, sustainable, long-lasting materials that can be reused, recycled or composted for circularity. They also ensure everyone in their chain is treated with respect. Products are all handmade in a NSW home workshop which runs off solar energy. A small batch process ensures minimum wastage and off-cuts are reused, recycled, or composted. They also offer repairs and incentives for recycling.
Products are purposefully made from natural and sustainable materials that return to the earth and the hardware can easily be recycled and melted down. High-quality, ethically sourced materials are used. Textiles are all-natural, sustainably grown, fair trade, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. All orders are minimally packaged, but where needed packaging is 100% plastic-free, recycled, recyclable, reusable, compostable and earth-friendly, even the shipping labels and tape are compostable. Furthermore orders are shipped using carbon-neutral providers and there is a Bohemi Worn Out Wears recycling program for customers to dispose of their end-of-life products.
Bohemi Handcrafted donates 5% from every order to selected organisations. They have partnered with Half Cut and pledged to save 1 square meter of Daintree Rainforest for every Collar or Lead sold. Furthermore, a percentage of all sales is donated to Australian Working Dog Rescue, a not for profit organisation committed to saving and rehoming working dog breeds across Australia. Annually, they also support the Children’s Cancer Institute Diamond Ball.

What our experts say...


Rocco got a glow up! I have never found a collar and lead that suits our aesthetic more. He’s certainly mister handsome now but not only is this a durable lead and collar set, I love the feel of the fabric which I can imagine is good for even the most sensitive of pups. It washes well, and I love the breathable fabric, perfect for our Queensland weather. Also, super cute that you can choose the hardware too. What a gorgeous handcrafted brand filling in a gap for supporting small business when it comes to our pets – love what you’re doing!

–Amy Hughes


This is a very stylish collar/ leash set, I love the canvas colour and the fact that it’s made from hemp, so therefore non toxic. The length of the leash is really good and the silver buckle on the collar feels very luxe! I really like that this company has thought through their whole process, from design to end-of-life recycling so that they can reduce their footprint at each stage.

–Lucy E Cousins


It is very aesthetically beautiful and well made. The production values are high and this translates to function and beauty in design. The hand feel is excellent and soft whilst still being a clearly durable material. The values embodied in this product are aligned with mine. Great sense of responsibility to the dog-world in general and excellent use of a sustainable material.

–Alena Turley

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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