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Botanic Enve – Crush – eau de parfum



A gender-inclusive fragrance reminiscent of a calm summer’s day with melon and cucumber hints. The fragrance promotes a sense of peacefulness and optimism, providing a fresh and invigorating experience.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients.
Botanic Enve produces products containing only plant-based ingredients without any synthetics or petrochemicals. The products are produced and manufactured in-house within Australia, with minimal packaging made of recyclable glass and cardboard. The brand also uses recyclable postage packaging, reuses boxes and biodegradable fillers.
Botanic Enve offers 10ml bottles that can be refilled with their plant-based products containing zero chemicals, synthetic materials or artificial colours. Packaging materials are kept minimal and are made of recyclable glass and cardboard, while postal packaging is recycled or recyclable with biodegradable fillers. The products are hand-produced and hand-packed in-house and smaller production runs are used to reduce the environmental impact. The brand prioritises using minimal ingredients in each fragrance to achieve the highest qualitative result.
Botanic Enve aims to provide transparency about the ingredients used in their fragrances, as they believe customers should know what they are putting on their skin. Their clean fragrances benefit those who suffer from allergies and reduce the impact on other people. The brand is also seeking to support a local charity that raises awareness about Autism.

Product reviews from our experts…


Something a little different, it appealed to the youthful side of me that wanted to feel light, free, and vibrant. The melon and cucumber notes made it very refreshing, perfect for summer days.

Allergy friendly, clean, non-toxic, are all great for this category and their contributions towards causes like Autism I also admire.

–Neha Hobson


Young, fresh and like a summer’s day, this natural perfume has sweet, delicious notes of honeydew melon. The scent lingers on my wrists and neck all day long. I also appreciate that this perfume contains only clean ingredients.

–Emma Freeman


I am not usually drawn to perfumes with fruity notes, but my mind has been opened! Shortly after application and the delicate interplay between the fragrance and my skin, I am left with a somewhat indescribable, utterly delightful, fresh scent. I love that the brand uses minimal ingredients, all of which are plant-based, and that they have a refill option available for purchase on their website.

I really respect the transparency of Botanic Enve as, unlike many other perfume brands, they clearly list the ingredients of their perfumes on their website. In addition, the brand utilises smaller production runs to reduce their environmental impact.

–Dominique Scott

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