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Botanicals by Luxe – Face Oil


SILVER + Editor’s Choice

This antioxidant-rich face oil contains Rosehip Oil, known for its high Vitamin C content, which helps brighten skin and reduce signs of aging. Squalane provides hydration and soothing properties for inflamed skin, while Vitamin E and Cucumber offer nourishment. Rose Geranium balances the skin and adds a fresh scent.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including rosehip, squalane and rose geranium oils.
Botanicals by Luxe is an Australian-owned small family business that manufactures its products in Australia, sources its ingredients from Australia, and often gives back to the community. Last year, the brand gave over $20,000 to mental health charities and local hospitals.
The brand uses sustainable packaging for their Face Oil product, which comes in recyclable glass packaging. They also avoid using plastic mailers, instead opting for a cardboard box with tissue paper. The brand reuses their manufacturing boxes for wholesale orders and anything they are sent, rather than purchasing new materials. Additionally, their office is energy efficient and designed for natural light.
Bec, a representative of Botanicals by Luxe, is involved in supporting the local community by donating money and products to local health services. She is also an ambassador for Liptember, a national women's mental health charity, and works with Smiling Mind to encourage mental health in the workplace through their Small Business program.

Product reviews from our experts…


A really nice, simple and uncomplicated nourishing face oil, that felt rich and nourishing. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin, with a gentle fragrance which many sensitive skins will enjoy.

I am particularly impressed by Botanicals by Luxe’s commitment to manufacturing in Australia, with locally sourced ingredients. Their donations of over $20,000 to mental health charities and local hospitals is an incredible act of kindness for a small startup.

–Amanda Ramsay


This full-bodied oil is wonderfully nourishing and has a light, grounding scent. Rosehip oil is wonderful for mature skin because it’s high in vitamin C which supports collagen production. Love the additions of vitamin E and cucumber! I also love that this brand sources its ingredients locally and gives back to local communities and charities.

–Emma Freeman


I loved the rosehip oil in this product, it was a clear standout as a hero ingredient and I loved the smell and lightweight feel as well as making my skin feel clearer and brighter after every use. The instructions clearly labelled on the back of the bottle also made it easy to follow with a daily routine of how much I should be applying.

I was impressed that the company doesn’t use plastic Mailers and always tries to reuse packaging and boxes from production for wholesale orders. This is something that I value in businesses doing this to reduce waste. I was also impressed that one of the reps was an ambassador for Liptember which is a charity I know well that raises money for women’s mental health.

–Amy Maree

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