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Breastfeeding Tea Co – Lactation Tea


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, 100% organic ingredients. Includes 4 lactogenic herbs to support breastmilk supply.
All Breastfeeding Tea Co products are made in Australia with most ingredients locally sourced to reduce their carbon footprint. Ingredients are ethically sourced using the same suppliers for many decades, with stringent certifications ensuring ethical practice, and that only the highest quality and pesticide-free components are used. They use a contract manufacturer from Bondi Beach Tea Co, who works with organic suppliers to ensure Breastfeeding Tea Co tea is packaged and blended in Sydney and sourced from the most ethical sources.
Their tea bags are plastic-free and completely biodegradable and their packaging is compostable and recyclable. Breastfeeding Tea Co only accepts the best products and companies that are ethical. Their business is also set up in such a way that waste and resources are minimal. In every way possible, they use the most eco-friendly processes and products, even their paper is recycled paper.
The very nature of Breastfeeding Tea Co is to act as “the village” for mums in the early stages of parenthood and struggling. These products are much more than a quick fix, it’s about starting a movement of support for women, and bringing information to them, because educating women is a power move for every mum that benefits. They are a proud supporter of Femeconomy. Encouraging women to channel collective purchasing power towards brands with women in leadership. They support Agape Outreach Inc, which feeds and supports the homeless on the Tweed and Gold Coasts, donating an incredible $15k in 2022. Furthermore they organise and manage; The Heart Of Women Awards which celebrates women making a difference, while raising much-needed funds for the charity each year. They also provided support and essential donations to victims of the Lismore floods.

What our experts say...


The blend has a really beautiful flavour and aroma. I thoroughly enjoyed drinking this tea every day to support my breastfeeding journey. The brand having relationships with their suppliers and knowing all products are Australian made gives me confidence that ethical and sustainable practices are followed to create their products!

–Courtney Dow


I normally do not love tea bags but with these ones being plastic free, it does not weigh on my mind. Good savoury flavour and easy to drink! The brand has made a great effort to do things locally. I also love that they work with suppliers that they have a relationship with.

–Rebecca Sullivan


I love the subtle, sweet taste of this tea and that it contains lactogenic herbs to help build milk supply! In the early days of breastfeeding it’s so comforting to have something to boost supply for peace of mind, and it’s great to be able to use even as bub gets older on those days where supply feels low! I also love that it gives me an excuse to sit down and enjoy a hot drink – it’s a win – win! I love supporting Australian businesses so the fact that these tea bags are made in Australia is a big plus for me! It’s also great that all the packaging is recyclable and plastic free, and that everything that goes into the tea is organic and sourced right here in Australia!

–Emma Meyer

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