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Bubba Cloud – Bubba Cloud



Introducing the Bubba Cloud®, the Original Linen Lounger, a versatile and portable baby lounger designed for comfort and relaxation. It serves as a soothing space and easily transportable baby nest, perfect for various environments like beaches, parks and living rooms.

Made from GOTS Certified Organic cotton mesh with a polyester filling and 100% French flax linen outer cover.
Bubba Cloud prides itself on ethical practices, manufacturing their Clouds and Linen Fabric in small batches using high-quality materials in China under ethical working conditions. They work closely with their manufacturers to ensure their standards and ethics are met, and utilize local seamstresses for hand-making their linen covers.
Bubba Cloud uses sustainable fibres in its fabrics, employs seamstresses locally to hand-make all its linen covers, and continuously seeks ways to use compostable and biodegradable packaging. The brand is committed to making a positive impact on the environment and ensuring that future generations can enjoy the planet.
Bubba Cloud provides support to families in need and new mothers affected by natural disasters through donations and product contributions. The brand prioritises social responsibility efforts.

Product reviews from our experts…


I loved the portability and comfort. This cloud has moved around with me across all rooms of my home and my baby loves it. It is reliable, comfortable and looks stylish in my home. My baby uses it for playtime and rest time therefore it is very versatile.

I loved Bubba Cloud’s choice of linen as the outer cover fiber as well as the use of using local seamstresses to sew the covers. It always makes me smile to see brands support the local seamstress industry!

–Renee Anthony


With a delightfully luxe linen cover, this beautiful baby lounger is an asset to any new mum and baby. My new nephew feels so secure in his little cloud and it enables his mum to have some hands-free moments, which are worth their weight in gold! Easily transportable and often moved from room to room, house to house, wherever my nephew travels to, as his clean and cosy, comforting space. This has become a much used and enjoyed baby accessory. I love that it is machine washable for when an emergency arises and that the lounger itself is structured to be extremely breathable!

–Emily Fletcher


The Bubba Cloud is beautiful. I loved it for when my baby was a newborn! I especially love the materials. The organic linen is so breathable. It is good for hot babies – I found this to be really beneficial and we really did like it!

–Dee Zibara

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