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Buckley and Philip – Sleep Soundly Essential Oil Blend



Buckley and Phillips Aromatics’ Sleep Soundly blend contains 100% pure essential oils of Orange Sweet Valencia, Lavender French, Ylang Ylang Complete, and Marjoram, which may aid in relaxation and relieve mental tension, helping with the onset of the sleep cycle.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including ylang ylang and lavender oils.
Gumleaf Essentials is an Australian brand of essential oils that has been producing high-quality blends since the 1970s. The brand's products are 100% pure, natural and true to the botanical and have been tested for quality. The brand offers 30 blends of essential oils designed for use in diffusers, oil burners or diluted for massages.
Buckley & Phillips holds several certifications related to sustainability and ethical practices, including being a licensee of the Australian Made Campaign, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Choose Cruelty Free, as well as being accredited by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.
Buckley & Phillips is a family-owned Australian company that was founded in 1972 by Christopher Phillips and Maureen Buckley, who initially sold handmade candles at local markets. Today, the brand offers a diverse range of aromatics and essential oils that are manufactured in a large-scale production facility and distributed globally. The brand is committed to using 100% pure and natural ingredients and upholding high-quality standards. They operate a storefront where customers can sample their scents and remain family-owned, ensuring a meticulous and unmediated way of operating.

Product reviews from our experts…


This scent truly goes beyond the typical night time blends (which so often smell only of lavender). I kept returning to this one because while it’s calming and soothing, it had a certain kind of magic you can’t put your finger on too. Unique, refreshing for the space and really beautiful and elevated – I loved it!

I love to see a heritage brand so clearly before their time (like this one) continuing to turn out timeless hits. The accreditation process can be arduous (especially for a business small in scale), so collecting a roster of them demonstrates a real commitment to positive change and a desire to be a leader in the field – Well done!

–Amy Starr


I love the combination of oils in this blend – it smells great! I also love that this brand is a pioneer in the use of clean, pure ingredients and has been focussed on ethical manufacturing and production for so long!

–Emma Meyer


I find this scent very different but I like the sweet calming scent, the hints of soft lavender with the sweet citrus just work well together. Very calming!

I also love that this brand is family owned and has been since 1972 – such a great achievement as well as all the certifications earned relating to the brands ethical/ sustainable practises.

–Crystal Larissa

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