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Buff Wand – Buff Wand



Buff Wand is a versatile glass manicure wand that enhances nail health and appearance. It shapes and files nails, pushes back cuticles, and polishes natural nails to achieve an enduring, glossy shine. Additionally, it strengthens nails and safeguards them against brittleness and breakage.

Made with excellent clean materials including glass, nichrome and resin.
The Buff Wand is a sustainable alternative to regular metal and plastic nail files and emery boards as it is made of glass. The product is manufactured in China and packaged in Australia, with the manufacturer following ethical practices and assuring against child labour.
Buff Wand is a brand that offers multi-functional nail, hand and foot care products that are made with natural ingredients and designed to eliminate unnecessary waste. For instance, their Buff Wand replaces an emery board, cuticle-pusher, nail buffer and clear varnish and can be reused multiple times, lasting years with good care. The brand uses biodegradable and recyclable packaging to minimize waste.
Buff Wand aims to increase their social responsibility efforts as the business grows, particularly by supporting small, family-run and female-owned businesses through supplier relationships. These businesses are primarily eco-friendly and health-conscious.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that it is a multi-purpose product that polishes, pushes back my cuticles and buffs my nails to perfection! It is so smooth and doesn’t snag my nails but shapes them beautifully and you only need a light hand to see great results! I also love that it isn’t a disposable nail file so I can use it over and over again – minimising waste.

I also love how they have created such an innovative multi-purpose product that does away with having to buy 5 different nail tools by having everything in one!

–Marisa Robinson


I’m absolutely in love with the Buff Wand All-in-One Manicure Wand! This little gem makes my nails look fabulously fresh with minimal effort. The fact that it’s reusable and replaces disposable files and buffers aligns perfectly with my eco-conscious values, making it a must-have in my sustainable beauty routine. Plus its compact size and user-friendly design make it super convenient for on-the-go touch-ups! 💅🌿🌍

I’m truly impressed by the sustainable values of the Buff Wand brand! Their glass-made Buff Wand is a brilliant alternative to traditional nail files and emery boards, helping to reduce plastic waste. Knowing that they prioritize ethical practices in their manufacturing process and aim to support small, eco-conscious, family-run businesses makes me even more excited to endorse their products. Their commitment to minimizing waste with biodegradable packaging and offering multi-functional products aligns perfectly with my sustainable lifestyle. 💅🌱🌟

–Petria Leggo-Field


It worked so well, but I especially like how it makes me feel like I will never need to replace it with another nail file as this one feels like it will last forever, which is great! I also love their reusable product concept to help reduce environmental waste.

–Candice Needham

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