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Bug Grrr Off – Bug Grrr Off


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients including lemon eucalyptus oil.
Bug Grrr Off is an Australian owned & made family business using 100% natural ingredients and naturally derived active substances with no plasticising effect. The brand’s products are not tested on animals, are vegan and are scientifically proven. In addition these products have a very low transdermal absorption and are safe. The brand sources their ingredients from environmentally sound and fair trade sources wherever possible.
Bug Grrr Off products are made from renewable resources and are sustainably sourced. In addition, these products do not harm the insects, as the active ingredient works by making you invisible to the insects’ senses.
Bug Grrr Off aims to educate the public in regards to the dangers of using chemical products on your skin, such as deet. For example, the dangers of over use of deet on children.

What our experts say...

I found this Natural Insect Repellent to be great for the whole family. Easy to spray on and doesn’t leave an oily residue like many can. I feel confident using this for my family as it has been registered with the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority). As someone who is allergic to many of the bugs this repels, I’m excited to have such a great product in my home and travel bag.

–Corrine Sultana

So many natural bug repellents don’t do the job – this one does and smells good. You don’t need much of it either. I love the smell, the effectiveness and the fact it’s been tested and the results are so reassuring.

–Alena Turley

Depending where we live, the prospect of getting bitten by a mosquito carries different meanings. If there’s the potential to catch Malaria or Ross River, I personally choose not to take any risks and look for a product with Lemon Eucalyptus oil in it. This is the only naturally derived compound recommended by the World Health Organisation to repel mosquitoes and has been shown to be as effective as DEET. If I’m going to an area with lots of mosquitoes or a tropical destination (which I can only dream of right now!), I am packing this for myself and the kids without doubt.

– Emily Fletcher

Having just moved to an area where midges are abundant (and love the taste of my blood!) I really appreciate that this “jungle strength” natural pump spray protects me from a variety of insects. The scent is quite refreshing and the kids don’t mind using it. I also love that it doesn’t harm insects (or our bodies).

–Emma Freeman

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