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Buttermere Beauty & Baby – Calendula Balm


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, organic ingredients. Contains organic calendula, almond and shea oils. *This product contains almond oil. If you have a baby/child with a high risk of a food allergy or eczema, it is not recommended to use this product until they are eating these foods in their diet and show no allergy. Studies have shown a link between the application of a potential food allergen repeatedly onto the skin and food allergen sensitisation. This increases the potential for severe food allergic reactions when the food is actually eaten. This is especially relevant for a child with a high risk of food allergy and also those with eczema.
Buttermere chooses certified organic ingredients whenever possible in support of the benefits of organic farming and manufacturing for our planet and our bodies. All ingredients are sourced through Australian-based wholesalers who share the same high standards around fair trade, organic and cruelty-free produce.
The Calendula Balm is packaged in a re-usable, tinted glass jar. Labels are printed in a carbon-neutral facility in Tasmania and brochures are printed on recycled paper. Items are posted in cardboard boxes with paper filling that can be composted or recycled. Buttermere offers and encourages product refills and design multi-purpose products such as the Calendula Balm, which can be used for various skin concerns for both children and adults.
As a qualified Infant Massage Instructor, the founder of Buttermere Beauty & Babe regularly teaches the practice to parents and carers in the community to help educate about the many extraordinary benefits of infant massage.

What our experts say...

Love the clean ingredients and I love that the cream is not a standard white thick cream. I really like how it protects and moisturises the skin at the same time and I would 1000% use this daily. I’d like to maybe see a larger size, although this is perfect for a nappy bag. Not really much of a scent and I was really happy to see a glass jar instead of traditional packaging and it looks to me like it is small batch made, which I think is special. Minimal packaging and no glass breakage.

It is really beautiful that the business owner considers the environment everytime she makes a business decision. It shows she really cares about the impact her business has on our planet, even down to using compostable tape on dispatched orders. I think that those details are really thoughtful.

– Samantha Gilmore

The calendula balm has a beautiful texture which feels like creamy honey on the skin. It leaves the skin with a very moisturised and shiny finish – perfect for those really dry and sore areas. My favourite component of the balm is the glass jar. The glass is sturdy (safe from rough toddlers) and when we finish the product, we intend to reuse the jar for craft or play.

I resonate with the creator’s desire to educate families on infant massage and volunteering at mother’s groups – something I would have found invaluable with both my children.

–Shannon Rafaelli

Buttermere balm is lovely and gentle, with a subtle natural scent that leaves the skin feeling soft and nurtured. I love the way they’ve used Calendula to aid in supporting my baby’s skin while helping prevent nappy rashes and dry skin.

I truly admire Buttermere’s attention to detail in protecting our baby’s skin through thorough research and devotion to producing the cleanest and most nourishing products possible. I also admire the commitment to our planet which is seen down to the smallest detail such as printing on recycled paper, printing labels in a carbon-neutral facility and hand making multi purpose products in small batches. The founder’s service to the community is also admirable as she empowers families through knowledge and practical guidance to bond with their baby through massage.

–Teodora Tinc

Possibly the most divinely nourishing balm I’ve ever felt, being so rich in soothing calendula. This is a gorgeous organic nappy balm – or anywhere balm- for red, dry or irritated skin. I’ve used it on bottoms, grazes, dry hands and lips; each time so impressed with how protective and healing it is. Without zinc, it is perfect for cloth nappy use too.

– Emily Fletcher

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