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By Anastasia – Clarity Aromatherapy Candle


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes rosemary, sweet orange and lavender oils in a beeswax and soy base.
By Anastasia is Australian made and owned, with Clarity locally made in Melbourne. The brand uses all natural ingredients, and where possible uses premium Australian Certified Organic ingredients to help protect the health of growers, handlers, consumers and our earth. These products are also vegan, not tested on animals, cruelty free and palm oil free. By Anastasia purchases directly from Australian suppliers
By Anastasia's use of all natural ingredients not only helps protect consumers from toxic synthetic ingredients, but also helps eliminate toxins from our earth. The brand prefers to use Australian made suppliers where possible to reduce their environmental footprint. By Anastasia rarely purchases postal packaging and instead re-uses packaging from deliveries wherever possible. If required, only recycled or recyclable packaging is purchased. The brand has recently introduced organic and reusable eco bags as gift packaging.
By Anastasia gives back to the community through supporting Foodbank Victoria, which aims to help ordinary Australians during very challenging times. In addition they participate and contribute to local charity and fundraising events.

What our experts say...

I would purchase this product again. As we learn more about the endocrine-interrupting effects of synthetic fragrances, I am more passionate about natural candles, even when they come with a higher price tag (higher than the cheap ones in large stores, I mean). This candle had a lovely smell and I loved that it was packaged in recycled materials. The smell wasn’t overpowering and I really loved the glow of the amber glass. Can a candle be inclusive? I think so. I like that my friends who are sensitive to fragrances can still come over without getting all wigged out by the smells. Perfect eco gift.

As a small business myself, I like the brand’s reuse of packaging that comes from deliveries. It’s not the sort of thing that you could give a percentage/statistic on, but I understand it and appreciate it. The local aspect wins for me and I like the feeling of supporting a small, artisan business.

– Emily Ehlers

I love the beautiful, simple style of the vessel the candle is in and I will definitely be able to repurpose this long after my candle is finished. It also smells completely divine! I loved knowing what my family was breathing in was safe and non toxic. I love the products they use to make their candles, making it a slow burn (50 hour burn time!!!) I loved that they use pure essential oils, which makes the scent really strong. 

I loved that this business makes sure that when purchasing products for the business that the suppliers have the same ethics. I love that they support local charities in the community. I have also just checked their website and they are fundraising for Victoria food bank (who have been in a very long lock down) and I think this is very admirable. I would feel good about buying from this business.

– Shannon Welch

I absolutely love the scent! I used the candle while working from home, and it was just lovely to have such a nice smelling room to sit in. The scent also stayed in the room after the candle was blown out. I love that it’s locally made and uses organic ingredients.

– Fiona Mirouco

Delightfully presented in a handmade brown glass jar, this beautiful candle is rich in essential oils to truly create an aromatherapy experience when lit. Creating a lovely flickering golden light and with a purposefully chosen scent, which really does relax me and allow me to find perspective. I’ve really appreciated it in this long lockdown! I love that it is palm oil free, burns so cleanly and is only scented with pure essential oils. Absolutely delightful.

– Emily Fletcher

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