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By Anastasia – mg tonic


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes magnesium, lavender and organic arnica infused oils.
By Anastasia is Australian made and owned, with mg locally made in Melbourne. The brand uses all natural ingredients, and where possible uses premium Australian Certified Organic ingredients to help protect the health of growers, handlers, consumers and our earth. These products are also vegan, not tested on animals, cruelty free and palm oil free. By Anastasia purchases directly from Australian suppliers.
By Anastasia's use of all natural ingredients not only helps protect consumers from toxic synthetic ingredients, but also helps eliminate toxins from our earth. The brand prefers to use Australian made suppliers where possible to reduce their environmental footprint. By Anastasia rarely purchases postal packaging and instead re-uses packaging from deliveries wherever possible. If required, only recycled or recyclable packaging is purchased. The brand has recently introduced organic and reusable eco bags as gift packaging.
By Anastasia gives back to the community through supporting Foodbank Victoria, which aims to help ordinary Australians during very challenging times. In addition they participate and contribute to local charity and fundraising events.

What our experts say...

I really liked how well a small amount of product would go on my skin, I did not need to spray a lot. It has a nice neutral scent which is perfect for large amounts of application. I find this product really helpful for me as a dancer with sore muscles often and definitely helped my muscles relax. This brand is doing great things in all areas including; certified organic ingredients, vegan and cruelty free, supporting charities, locally made and owned. I also appreciated the recycled use of shredded cardboard in the packaging.

–Stephanie Kurlow

First impressions: By Anastastia has thought thoroughly about the packaging of the product. Not one bit of plastic to be seen! This was my first time using a M=magnesium spray and I must say I’m impressed. I didn’t use it during the day, but loved the nighttime routine of spraying it on my feet. I’m going to keep using this to see if I notice long term effects. Beautiful business with values that align very much with my own.

–Petria Leggo-Field

This product has been an absolute saviour for my neck and shoulders, with so much time spent sitting our poor bodies need some relief. After spraying it on tired and tight muscles, I found the magnesium and arnica worked wonders quickly. The lavender helped aid in relaxation. Thankful for trying this great spray during these challenging times. Anastasia is focused on doing the right thing by the planet and people.

– Corrine Sultana

I notice my breathing slow, my mind calm and my muscles relax with this beautiful oil. I get really sore and tight in my shoulders and neck and this is my favourite massage oil to release those knots. I’m always so amazed at how well I sleep afterwards, it really is surprisingly potent in its ability to relax my body. A perfect antidote to the stress of lockdown and homeschooling!

–Emily Fletcher

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