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Byron Bay Candles – Candle Jar Refill in Enrich pure essential oils aroma


Made from excellent non-toxic ingredients. 100% soy wax, cotton wick and essential oils.
Supporting health is a determining factor in what is produced at Byron Bay Candles. By choosing to use the ancient art of hand pouring, they ensure the ingredients are of the finest quality and that they are sourced from within a close-proximity to our factory in Byron Bay. All scented candles are made with only pure soy wax (no paraffins or petrochemical based waxes), and pure cotton wicks (no lead). Preventing clients from inhaling toxins that can trigger adverse reactions such as breathing difficulties and headaches. These products are made with 100% plant-based materials. There is also no palm oil used which helps protect native habitat of Orangutans.
Minimising waste is extremely important to Byron Bay Candles. Their 50-hour candle jars provide refill options for consumers allowing them to reuse and recycle their empty jars. The aluminium wick tab and the cardboard box are the only remaining components left over from the purchase of a Byron Bay Candles refill candle. Both items can be recycled through Australian council recycling depots when disposed of in the household recycling bin. Candle gift box materials originate from sustainable and legal sources and are FSC certified. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management solution. All orders are packed in brown paper cardboard cartons with corn-starch packing beads. Corn-starch is biodegradable and can be disposed of in the green garden waste council bin.
During the devastating floods in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, Byron Bay Candles made a call out to the community asking them to donate empty jars at their Byron Bay factory location, to make ‘Harmony’ candles for households without electricity and distribute them to nearby evacuation centres The men at Byron Bay candles also spent days helping affected residents clear their houses of the debris and female team members went door to door in Lismore offering a scented candle to each affected homeowner. They are continuing this excellent work with their ‘donation candles’ to elevate the lives of those in need. Since the middle of March, over 2000 pure soy scented candles in recycled jars have been donated.

What our experts say...


I liked the beautiful scent and long life of the candle. It brought me much peace this past month as I’ve been grieving the loss of my father. I also love the stylish, minimalist branding of the candle jar.
I love the fact that the company is a regional business supporting the local, regional community in time of need with practical help and compassion. There’s one thing to donate money to “offset” impact, but it’s another level when an organisation donates their own time as well as products. I’m sure their 2,000 candles in donated jars have provided much needed light as well as a nurturing and balancing scent during the trauma of the floods. Well done. Their supply chains are also very well thought out and are ethical. Well done for using local organic essential oils too.

–Laura Trotta


I loved how functional and simple it was to refill the candle. The enriched scent made from pure essential oils has become our household favourite scent to burn. We enjoy burning this scent in our studio as we work or in our lounge-room via the fireplace as we read. It brings a beautiful energy to our home. I resonated with the clean sourcing of the soybeans. Sourcing organic, Australian farmed, free from pesticides, herbicides and GMM is highly aligned with the values I seek when sourcing products to bring into my home. In addition I resonated with the sense of community and give back initiatives. The call out to the community to return empty vessels so collaboratively the brand and community can provide solutions to the NSW Northern River flood victims was a beautiful and heart-warming initiative.

–Renee Carpenter


I love the refill nature. Candles are typically very wasteful and this is a great solution that really helps reduce waste and is also fun. This is innovative. It also burns well and has a great scent. All round a well made candle with a difference. I love the community element that Byron Bay candles focus on. Using their business to do good aligns perfectly with what I do. The ingredients are also great and packaging is minimal and recyclable/ compostable.

–Julie Mathers

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