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CandleXchange – Glass Candle


Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients. 100% soy wax, cotton wick. Phthalate -free natural fragrance and essential oil blend.
CandleXchange candles are made in Australia, hand poured by a local team. Environmental benefits are delivered by reusing the containers to make more candles, using natural ingredients including pure soy wax and cotton wicks and by eliminating packaging waste with reusable or biodegradable packing. They work with local Australian suppliers that provide their supply chain information allowing them to ensure a living wage is paid and child labour is not used.
Drawing on circular design principles, CandleXchange was born from the opportunity to reduce waste generated by 4 million single-use candles sold in Australia annually. Customers receive a 40% discount as incentive for returning containers. They are also in the process of replacing candle boxes with reusable bags. All marketing collateral is currently being reduced to a small business card sized QR code. Postage materials are either compostable, reused or recycled hex paper & boxes.
CandleXchange has a candle Upcycle program which refills used good quality candle containers from customers. They are then donated to organisations supporting survivors of domestic violence. Over 300 containers have been collected this year. In addition to their Upcycle program they run candle making workshops with Northern Beaches Women's Shelters as part of their art therapy program and contribute to their fundraising efforts. Complimentary candles are also provided to the Gidget Foundation for use at their Gidget House premises, supporting the emotional well-being of expectant and new parents.

What our experts say...


I love that once you finish burning your candle you can exchange it for a new candle with a 40% discount. The scent is sweet, fruity and uplifting. I appreciate the huge efforts made to reduce candle waste and to support local initiatives.

–Emma Freeman


I loved how the product was thoughtful, and locally community orientated. The Australian Bush scent was a lovely local floral scent with excellent value adding local refill purchasing options that are not only convenient, but environmentally conscious and well priced. I greatly resonated with CandleXchange’s circular design principles. The circular design principles provided educational facts that excited me to join them on their purposeful candle mission to reduce waste. In addition, as a local Northern Beaches resident and as a brand who is connected with the Northern Beaches Women’s Shelters incredible work, I loved reading how CandleXChange generously contributes to the shelters art therapy program as one of the 5 organisations they support for domestic violence survivors.

–Renee Carpenter


This large, single wicked candle is set in an excellent quality, clear glass jar. The therapeutic candle has an impressive glow and truly brings the smell of the Australian bush indoors. I absolutely love that this brand encourages customers to return their used candle containers, through providing a 40% discount on their next purchase when making the return. They also refill and gift donated used containers to survivors of domestic violence through organisations who help settle these individuals into new homes. Amazing!

–Dominique Scott

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