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Caye Life – Water Bottle


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 18/8 (304) food grade stainless steel, non-toxic paint.
Caye Life uses only non-toxic materials and their manufacturer gets closed down for 2 weeks every year while they are inspected by authorities. This is to ensure fair working conditions and to check all products are BPA & toxin free as they claim to be. The brand also uses toxin free paints for all their products.
Caye Life ships the majority of their orders with the carbon neutral shipping company, Sendle and use only reusable, recyclable or compostable packing materials. They are continually looking at ways they can do better, including working with their manufacturers to use less packing materials. Caye Life never ships in plastic or uses bubble wrap. Instead, they ship in recyclable containers or sell fair trade cotton bags at markets.
The business was born from wanting to create a more sustainable future and address the growing environmental issues we face today. Whilst the whole business is based around this ethos, the founder is involved in social rubbish clean ups and tries to teach younger generations the importance of looking after the environment.

What our experts say...

It’s a beautiful water bottle, the paint has a non-grip velvet feel to it which makes it easy to hold. Being insulated, it keeps water cool for hours. I appreciate that the brand ships their products in plastic-free packaging and uses a carbon-neutral shipping company.

– Lindsay Miles

Big tick is how this product makes zero waste aspirational! Who wouldn’t want to rock around with this water bottle!. It’s a beautifully stunning water bottle that is brand aligned with my style – I don’t forget to take my water bottle because it looks so good and it’s light and easy to carry!

It’s evident that everything the business does tries to improve sustainable outcomes and it’s the heart of the brand – especially if influencing the supply chain and checking factories.The founder’s story really echos my own – seeing so much waste in the water in tropical places – it’s just heartbreaking. I love that she has taken that experience and taken action.

–Jacqui Scruby

I like the feel of the bottle in your hand – it has a nice non-slip grip. Also impressed with the insulating capacity and love the bottle’s minimalist, modern look. Carbon neutral shipping is also a win!

– Laura Trotta

Gorgeously smooth, sleek and stylish, this bottle is super light weight and fits perfectly in my hand. I love the minimal style of the lid and I’ve enjoyed using the fair trade cotton bag it comes in as an easy way to carry it on walks and also to keep it scratch free.

– Emily Fletcher

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