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Cherub Baby – Silicone Food Pouch Spouts


BRONZE + Editor’s Choice

Introducing our soft silicone non spill pouch spouts, invented to protect bubs’ delicate mouths from sharp plastic edges. Twist them onto our reusable food pouches, allowing little ones to self feed confidently. The non-spill valve ensures no food mishaps during tantrums. Empower your mini with independence and pride!

Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% food grade silicone.
Cherub Baby's toys are made from pure food grade silicone and nothing else, with no additional ingredients used.
Cherub Baby uses non-toxic natural materials whenever possible, such as silicone made from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, plus sand/silica for making glass. Plastics are tested to the highest European and Australian standards and are designed with recycling or repurposing in mind. The brand purchases carbon credits to offset emissions. Orders are shipped in recycled cardboard or biodegradable satchels. Cherub Baby prioritises sustainability for the sake of its customers, their children, and the planet.
Cherub Baby donates to Greenfleet Australia to offset their carbon emissions, supports WWF's "Don't let nature go to waste" campaign, donates to the WWF campaign to clean up plastics in oceans and waterways and donates their samples and seconds to St Kilda Mums.

Product reviews from our experts…


I’m incredibly impressed by the problem and solution element of this innovative product. It is so easy to dismiss the standard spouts and think that they’re the only way to be, but this vast improvement is so clever. That they encourage independence and self-feeding at a time that can be typically labour-intensive on parents is also so valuable. So soft, flexible and comfortable for soft little mouths!

The collection of policies seems really considered and balanced and this is really the way forward, because labelling something “non-toxic” or “natural” is no longer enough for a consumer who knows and expects more!

–Amy Starr


My son is dairy free, so this product was extremely handy in our household allowing him to eat from a pouch the same as his sister (who can buy straight from the supermarket shelf in similar disposable pouches). We loved it so much I now am not buying for her and are using these pouches for both of them as it’s so much better for the environment.

I was also impressed by the company really not letting anything go to waste and their “Don’t let nature go to waste” campaign that donates their samples and seconds to St Kilda Mums.

–Amy Maree


I love the practicality of these. They are great for using pouches on the go and a lot more comfortable for the little ones mouth. I love the non-spill valve as I have a little one who loves to squeeze the food pouches. I am also impressed by the use of non toxic materials and that the brand donates to charities.

–Crystal Love

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