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Cherub Baby – Silicone & Glass Baby Food Storage


Silver & Editor's Choice
Made from excellent non-toxic materials. High quality LFGB approved food-grade Silicone and shock resistant Borosilicate Glass.
Made in China, Cherub Baby’s suppliers are certified to ISO 9001, which upholds child and forced labour regulations.
Glass storage containers are packaged in biodegradable material. Products are sent to consumers using compostable packaging satchels and recycled cardboard boxes.
Cherub Baby donates to WWF’s ‘Don’t Let Nature Go To Waste’ campaign to reduce plastics from flowing into waterways and oceans. Cherub Baby also offset carbon emissions produced by their utilities via Greenfleet, a not-for-profit initiative that plants native biodiverse forests to help fight the impacts of climate change.

What our experts say...

These pots have already become a part of our every day! I just love how practical they are. I cook my daughter’s food in bulk and freeze and these are the ideal size for her meals. I fill them with food, store them in the freezer, and take them out to defrost and pop them straight in the oven or microwave. So useful, thank you Cherub for yet another brilliant product.

Cherub are really innovative in their designs and even their packaging. I was impressed with their packaging of these containers, being a single recyclable box, sealed with no stickers or tape. And as always arriving in compostable postage bags.

– Melissa Mai

I love that there is a glass option for baby food, we have always used lots of stainless steel products for our babies but a glass option is so great to freeze and reheat, you can see the contents of the container easier and the little silicone ring is actually surprisingly strong as the babies dropped them a few times and they didn’t break! 

I also love that Cherub Baby donates to assist the major issue of plastics ending up in waterways.

– Amanda Callan

Making baby food is overwhelming at first and storing it just as much so. However, these glass baby food storage containers make life so much easier as they can be cleaned in the dishwasher and used in the oven or freezer. I love that there’s a place where they can be labelled and that the lid is watertight. Super cute and just the right size for early meals, they can also be used as a child grows. My daughter now takes yogurt in hers to school in her lunchbox. I would never have thought about sending glass in a lunchbox, however these are seriously hardy. A beautiful product!

–Emily Fletcher

Great plastic free packaging and beautiful product itself. Great size for small portions for little babies and toddlers. Also a really great feature to add name and date to the top of the container. Love the great environmental initiatives to protect our ocean and wildlife.

–Larissa Tedesco

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