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Childe Sunglasses – Farfalle-Bio-Acetate in Burgundy-trans-green with Rose-gradient-bio-lens



The Childe Farfalle sunglasses are handcrafted in Italy using premium Mazzuchelli M49 Bio Acetate and Plant-based lenses. With a butterfly curve design, they are both bold and comfortable. The sunglasses feature 5 barrel stainless steel hinges and eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials. A foldaway hard case is included.

Made from excellent sustainable materials. Italian M49 Mazzucchelli bio acetate biodegradable frames with plant based lenses.
Childe Sunglasses are produced in boutique family-owned factories which are solar-powered and practice recycling of water and materials. Additionally, labour is paid in accordance with Italian employment laws, which prohibit discrimination on grounds such as gender, political opinions, religion and nationality.
Childe uses eco-conscious materials to create their sunglasses, including Italian Mazzuchelli M49 Bio Acetate frames made from organic wood pulp fibres and plant-based lenses made from castor oil and renewable resources. The packaging is made from recycled materials. Childe also offers a "Childe for Life Lens replacement program" to reduce unnecessary waste and is working towards reducing single-use plastic and carbon emissions. They plan to purchase an electric car in 2024 in their efforts to use less petroleum and petrochemicals.
Childe supports a number of social and environmental organizations and charities, including Tell Your Friends You Love Them, Human Nature therapy and the Carbon Neutral Plant-a-Tree program. The brand has invested $23,000 to date in its capsule collection Love Childe, which helps strengthen relationships and encourages the healthy sharing of emotions. Childe also supports surf aid with a monthly subscription, Make a Wave initiative to help provide clean water, sanitisation and medical supplies for remote communities of Indonesia, and actively campaigns for environmental, ocean and animal welfare. The brand provides equal opportunity employment across all genders and acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which they operate.

Product reviews from our experts…


Beautifully made from three layers of coloured acetate, these fun butterfly shaped sunglasses are flattering and stylish. I love that the frame is biodegradable and that the lenses are plant based as well – combined with the pouch made from recycled bottles, these really are at the forefront of sustainable eyewear. The lovely wide sides block sunlight coming in at an angle and the frames are optical friendly if you’d like to pop in a prescription. I love that there is a 12 month warranty for scratched lenses and there is also a low cost program for lens replacement into the future as well.

–Emily Fletcher

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