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Chiron Organic – Cactus Gel and Olive Soap



This Castile soap, infused with cactus gel, cleanses and rejuvenates the skin while providing exceptional moisturizing benefits. Its properties help repair and rehydrate, ensuring proper nourishment for the skin.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients. Simply saponified extra virgin olive oil and prickly pear cactus gel.
Chiron Organic, a small family business in Wedderburn, Victoria, produces a soap made from only two ingredients - olive oil and cactus gel - both harvested from their certified organic farm. The olives are handpicked and cold-pressed for extra virgin olive oil, while the cactus gel is juiced fresh for each soap batch. The minimal processing and fresh ingredients aim to create a completely non-toxic and beneficial product for both the skin and the environment. The soap is biodegradable and close to the body's natural pH level to avoid adverse reactions. Chiron Organic prides itself on transparent ingredient lists, production methods and core values that prioritise affordable health products.
Chiron makes a pure olive oil soap using the traditional cold process technique and adding cactus gel for nourishment and healing to the skin. The gel is a natural bio filter, allowing for cleaner wastewater, and any raw ingredients not incorporated into the product is used as fertilizer for their soil. The soap is presented in a single sheet of compostable paper and is grey water and septic safe. The brand's sustainability efforts include using only certified organic ingredients and reducing emissions by producing a longer-lasting product.
Chiron employs rural people who have been long-term unemployed or have physical or psychosocial disadvantages for general farm maintenance and harvesting, while a couple of family members manufacture the product. The brand also holds seminars and workshops for local communities on low waste and non-toxic living and donates its products to community groups for fundraising.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love its rough-cut feel, which definitely adds to the appeal of the hand-made. The soap is very silky and easy to use, and the ingredients mix is really excellent.

I appreciate their initiative to employ people with disabilities and with low socio-economic backgrounds. Prickly pear is also an invasive weed, and this is a great way to manage the land while making something productive and hopefully profitable out of it!

–Ria Andriani


We enjoyed the packaging and the colour of the soap. We also like the fact that this brand is helping to support people who are unemployed and giving people opportunities and that they hold workshops and value educating people!

–Kirstie + Sarah


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