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Chiron Organic – Cactus and Olive Oil Laundry Powder


Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients.
Chiron Organic laundry powder is manufactured in Wedderburn, Victoria using ingredients from their certified organic farm. They are focused on having the majority of their ingredients as plant based from the farm. They were able to innovatively combine olive oil soap along with the water purifying and fabric softening qualities of cactus. They have core values of transparency and honesty for their company and products.
Both the olive and cactus raw ingredients are harvested by Chiron Organic and make up the majority of the product. As an extension to this, the olive leaf and olive wood ash are usually discarded but here they improve the laundry powder. The cactus gel is an ingredient that only they have implemented in laundry powder after discovering that it actually is used to clean water. Their product is completely biodegradable and the cactus component is able to act as a flocculant and as a biofilter, allowing for cleaner wastewater. It is a pre-soaker, laundry powder and fabric softener in one single product. Packaging is recyclable and the scoop is made from sugarcane pulp. Furthermore their product is certified as "input for organic production" by NASAA, as well as being septic and grey water safe.
Chiron Organic is a family run business but they also employ people in the local community who have either been long-term unemployed or are otherwise unable to work full-time due to a physical or psychosocial disability. Every year they donate a percentage of their production amount to families in the form of laundry powder. This is one less expense for them and allows them to experience a completely chemical free wash.

What our experts say...


This laundry powder is a fabulous idea. Chiron Organic have used “waste products” from their olive farm to repurpose into an effective laundry powder. Using some really unique ingredients like cactus gel and wood ash from the olive trees, this laundry detergent not only works well but your clothes come out feeling soft and smelling clean. I was really impressed with the innovation in this product. Repurposing waste and closing the loop in this organic farm is really impressive and interesting – I’d love to visit and see it in action.

–Corrine Sultana


I hadn’t used a Laundry Powder with Cactus and Olive Oil before and was interested to see what the results would be. The powder has a subtle but lovely fragrance and is soft and powdery. I have to say that I was really impressed with the results! Not only were our clothes beautifully clean, with a subtle but beautiful smell, but they also dry with a noticeable softness – a very gentle softness. I don’t use fabric softeners, so using a natural laundry powder that also softens clothes beautifully is a huge bonus. This laundry powder was also very gentle on the skin and my son with eczema commented on how nice it was sleeping in sheets washed with this powder. I love that the founders of this company have designed, developed, grown and produced this laundry powder on their farm using innovative natural, organic ingredients and supporting their community in the process. I congratulate them on creating an incredible product.

–Niccii Kugler


I enjoyed that this laundry powder was eco yet inclusive of a pre-soaker and fabric softener. I tested this product on clothing and bathroom towels. All items were soft, clean and luxurious on the skin post wash. I highly value that two of the product’s key ingredients olive leaf and olive wood ash are usually a raw material that is discarded by other industries. This displays a great initiative to combat waste collaboratively while looking outside the square of the industry one is within. This resonates with me, as it embraces an important topic I value which is collaboration across industries for the greater good.

–Renee Carpenter

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