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Chocolate on Purpose – Walking On Country Chocolate Bar- Vegan Mylk Chocolate with Guwandang (Quandong)



This 100% plant-based chocolate offers a creamy experience with a hint of bitter cacao. It caters to intolerances, allergies and minimizes ecological footprint. Quandong, a tart apricot-flavoured Superfood, is used in this next generation indulgence.

Made from excellent clean ingredients including ethically sourced cocoa and dried quandong. Vegan.
Chocolate on Purpose partners with the Cocoa Horizons program, which aims to create self-sustaining communities that protect nature and children, by driving cocoa farmer prosperity. The brand's chocolate is a blend of sustainably grown cacao beans from Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Ecuador, which are fully traceable to the farms where they were grown. This sourcing contributes to the eradication of child forced labour and raising farmers above the poverty line. In 2022, 76% of farmers engaged in agroforestry, and 83,148 accessed micro-credit to develop farm business plans, with 43% accessing personal coaching to obtain land documentation. The brand contributes to empowering female cacao farmers and its chocolate is palm-oil free. Chocolate on Purpose is building a First Nations led supply chain to empower Australian indigenous communities and supports their sustainable growth by sourcing botanical ingredients from First Nations growers.
Chocolate on Purpose promotes sustainability and equity in the Australian native botanical and world cacao farming communities and the environment. They increase their buy from an Indigenous farmer for every extra production run by 10 kilos, contributing to their sustainable growth in the Australian native food and botanical supply chain. Their choice to purchase ethically sourced chocolate in 2022 contributed to 88% of cacao farmed by Cocoa Horizon participants not contributing to deforestation and farming practices integrating environmental protection, agroforestry restoration and shade tree distribution protected against drought, leading to farmer prosperity, a reduction of forced labour and sequestering 140,929 tonnes of CO2. They also prevent the death of 16 orangutans daily by not using palm oil. The brand also practices energy-saving, recycling and composting in their operations, purchases Aboriginal Carbon Credits, and invents "Mindful Indulgence" by moulding their chocolate creations in pieces packaged in a zip-sealed pouch for conscious consumption and continued enjoyment.
Chocolate on Purpose is committed to promoting sustainability and equity in Australian native botanical and world cacao farming communities. The brand aims to increase Indigenous farmers' participation in the native food and botanical supply chain by buying 10 extra kilos for every extra production run. Ethically sourcing chocolate and avoiding palm oil contributes to environmental protection. Chocolate on Purpose operates within the principles of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" by using energy-saving equipment, LED lighting, recyclable and compostable packaging, and purchasing Aboriginal Carbon Credits to offset carbon footprint and support Aboriginal communities.

Product reviews from our experts…


The taste was delicious with a smooth texture for a vegan mylk chocolate with the bitterness of the Quandong slightly coming through, which I enjoyed.

I was impressed that the cacao beans are sustainably grown and palm oil free. I’m also impressed that they donate a percentage of sales to First Nations charities!

–Katherine Hay


This is certainly a unique tart tasting chocolate that grew on me. I LOVE that it has native Australian ingredients and also that the company supports Aboriginal communities.

–Dee Zibara


I love that this is a superfood and 100% plant based! I also appreciate that this product is palm oil free.

I would love to hear more about the biodynamic farming and implementation of sustainability practices for the future.

–Eljay Esson

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