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Cleanery – Multipurpose Cleaner Gardenia Sachet refill



The Cleanery Multipurpose Cleaner Sachet is a low waste sustainable cleaning product refill. It is a powder that mixes with water in reusable or existing bottles at home. The cleaner is made of plant and mineral based formulations, resulting in 99% less plastic waste compared to traditional single-use plastic cleaning bottles. It has a pleasant gardenia scent and is safe for the family and environment.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients. Scented with essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance.
Cleanery is committed to ethical business practices. They are registered as a Living Wage Aotearoa Employer and have policies against child/forced labour. They manufacture their products in New Zealand and vet their suppliers to ensure that they have no questionable practices or ethics. Cleanery has written policies and a code of ethics in place to be sure that they are an ethical employer and provide a safe and happy workplace for their employees. They have also made formal commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and in their recruitment processes. Furthermore Cleanery is on their journey to B-Corp certification.
Cleanery is a brand that offers affordable sustainable cleaning and personal care products, designed to reduce carbon emissions, packaging waste and environmental impact. Its products are made from plant and mineral-based formulations, and its cleaning products come in a lightweight recyclable sachet that is 99% less plastic than traditional single-use bottles. The brand has a Green Office policy, low-energy factories, and offset all its emissions with carbon credits. Cleanery seeks to minimize the impact of its products by reducing packaging size, using the best recyclable materials and offering long-life options that are made to last and be reused. It heavily invests in real science and has an internal team of engineers, chemists and scientists to ensure market-leading products that actually work.
Cleanery is committed to social responsibility and gives back to local charities by donating its products. In November 2022, the brand donated $16,000 worth of cleaning products to the Kindness Collective charity, which distributed them to Women's Refuge partners. Employees are entitled to paid time off to volunteer at a charity of their choice each year. The brand's founders are passionate about establishing Cleanery as a sustainable company and have participated in panels on improving social and environmental performance. Cleanery also invests in developing its own manufacturing hub to offer an affordable alternative for sustainable cleaning.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love the ability to make up this product at home using a concentrate powder, reducing emissions associated with transport of product to market. The cleaner is effective at cutting through grease in the kitchen.

I’m also impressed that Cleanery is committed to becoming a B-Corp company and that the brand is addressing social as well as environmental issues (sustainability includes a commitment to both!)

–Laura Trotta


I love the idea and concept behind this. The ease of refilling it at home using a sachet and water is great. The idea of it coming with labels and different solutions for different areas of the home like bathroom, kitchen is really handy to make the bottles look nice! The spray bottle is lightweight and easy to operate.

I’m really impressed that they are striving for B-corp. The thought and consideration that has gone into their bottle making from recycled materials and also their sachets using all non toxic ingredients is also so important.

–Amelia Davatzis


Super easy to use, low mess, low waste and versatile cleaner that makes the most of the empty bottles you already have. Comes in easy to mix up sachets with labels to add on your reused bottles. Worked well on all sorts of surfaces! I also appreciated that, from design to packaging and living wages they are thinking about all angles of sustainability.

–Corrine Sultana

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