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Clemence Organics – Brightening Eye + Skin Serum



This product is made with natural and certified organic ingredients to reduce skin pigmentation, promote an even tone and smooth touch. It contains daisy flower, hawkweed, gotu kola, turmeric, bearberry, lemon water, bio fermented hyaluronic acid and probiotics. It supports collagen synthesis, reduces fine lines, strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and improves the microbiome.

Formulated with excellent clean, mostly organic ingredients, including organic bearberry, turmeric and daisy extracts.
Clemence Organics is based in Sydney, Australia and uses 100% natural ingredients in their products, choosing organic ingredients where possible.
Clemence Organics products are made with 100% recyclable materials and are shipped carbon neutral using compatible or recyclable packaging. The brand prioritises sustainability efforts in their production and distribution processes.
Clemence Organics is a member of 1% for the Planet, enabling the brand to donate a portion of its profits to registered environmental charities. The brand has already donated $5000 this year to Save the Children to help victims of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

Product reviews from our experts…


I couldn’t stop at the eyes with this stunning serum and yes I shared the love all over my face and decolletage! The botanical scent sets the scene and the formula doesn’t disappoint. This feels hydrating from the moment it hits the skin, with just the right texture for a serum that sinks deep. My skin was visibly smoother where this serum hit. Layer it up with the repair face serum for maximum skin loving benefits and lofty longevity!

I also love Clemence’s commitment to 100% natural ingredients and the ability to source such high quality ingredients while remaining carbon neutral with high ethical practice standards and impressive charitable donations – Well Done!

–Amy Hughes


A lovely lightweight serum consistency. I loved that it absorbed quickly under the eyes and the range of active natural ingredients were really impressive. I love that it is a product that can be used for both the eyes and everywhere else. I also appreciated the glass packaging!

–Erin Norden


I loved this serum and my face and neck thanked me for it. My skin felt incredible after using it, twice daily – I really felt a difference in my skin and my skincare was absorbed beautifully after applying this serum! It had a great smell without being too strong. My skin instantly felt brighter and was the perfect base under my makeup too.

I love that Clemence Organics are made with 100% recyclable products and that Clemence Organics is a member of 1% for the Planet, enabling the company to donate a portion of its profits to environmental charities. The fact that the company has already donated $5000 this year to Save the Children to help victims of earthquakes was also extremely impressive to me in this economic climate.

–Amy Maree

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