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Clemence Organics – Rosehip + French Clay Bath Soak


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic rose petals, rose otto oil and organic geranium oil.
Clemence Organics ingredients are certified organic wherever possible which guarantees ingredients are sourced in the most ethical manner. This product is manufactured in their Blue Mountains by a small team.
All packaging is 100% recyclable and is locally sourced wherever possible, including many elements made in Sydney Australia. All postal packaging is either recyclable or compostable and postage is carbon neutral. Furthermore their office runs off solar power, we use tank water and waste is processed using any on-site septic.
Clemence Organics are a member of 1% for the Planet which guarantees that they donate 1% of profits to charities which support environmental programs.

What our experts say...


I really love the rose scent of this product. It is a sweet, subtle smell that is very calming. I also love the way it feels against my skin and how well it blends into the water. I also love all the recyclable packaging they use in shipping.I really appreciate that they try to source organic ingredients when they can and that it is made in Australia. I also love that they donate proceeds to a charity to support environmental programs

–Stephanie Kurlow


So very pretty. I used this mid-school holidays and I felt relaxed afterwards… which is pretty impressive given the quantity of children I was swarmed by. The bath felt luxurious and I loved the smell. Especially when it comes to products that we soak in, it’s lovely to have ones that are not filled with nasties. Would make a fantastic gift. It was really lovely seeing a business that cares about so many facets of production; at every stage of production to delivery. I loved that it was hand packaged in Australia and you could feel the love that went into it.

–Emily Ehlers


I really enjoyed using it. The smell was absolutely beautiful and it was a joy soaking in a tub with this product. I also loved the inclusion of the pink clay, it was clarifying and left my skin feeling soft. I love the smell of rose so the rose otto oil was a lovely ingredient. It’s great that they manufacture by hand in small batches, I love this grass roots style of operation. The fact that products are locally sourced where possible is great, minimising the carbon footprint.

–Samantha Christian

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