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Coconut Tree – Coconut Calm Balm


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Contains calendula, jojoba, aloe vera and organic coconut oil.
Made in Australia, Coconut Tree’s products are accredited Cruelty-Free and Certified Organic by NASAA. The coconut oil in their products is cold pressed by the village people under an Australian fair trade venture that provides rural people in the Solomon Island communities with meaningful employment, a regular income and better living standards.
Packaging is made from PET (highly recyclable plastic), and Coconut Tree has just started using eco-friendly compostable mailers and voidfill.
Coconut Tree purchase fair trade coconut oil which delivers 100% of the profits back to the South Pacific Island communities, so that they can continue to have meaningful employment and better living standards. They also actively communicate and educate women and girls about clean beauty and health so that they can make better choices for themselves and their families.

What our experts say...

This has become my new favourite balm – for everything! It is the perfect consistency and I’ve been using it on the tops of my baby daughters feet, as they are often dry, and on my cracked lips. I have noticed such an improvement after using it every day for a week! It also arrived in compostable postage and it was beautifully wrapped.

I love that this product is 100% Australian made and the entire process is certified as 100% organic. The coconut oil could have been cold pressed by various places and businesses, and Coconut Tree is supporting the people of the Solomon Islands with opportunities for employment that they wouldn’t easily get.

– Melissa Mai

A lovely firm, silky balm that absorbs so well and smells like a holiday. I love the use of unrefined organic coconut and natural ingredients which empower the skin to heal from irritations, making it so versatile for me and my baby.

It is so wonderful to see Coconut Tree’s support for rural communities in the Solomon islands through sourcing organic coconut oil that delivers 100% of the profits back to them. Their commitment to sustainability is also seen through compostable mailers and PET made packaging, which is a great step! And lastly, I am proud to see their devotion to educating women and consumers on reducing toxins and empowering their wellbeing through natural and organic products! A beautiful brand inside and out.

– Teodora Tinc

This balm contains a selection of highly nourishing ingredients which work together to soothe and moisturise bub’s skin beautifully. Gentle enough to be used all over, I love that it is unscented, which is perfect for young babies so as not to be too stimulating.

–Emily Fletcher

It’s got a beautiful consistency and nice cinnamon smell. Worked great on my daughter’s eczema. I love the premise of women education and the support given to local communities.

– Larissa Tedesco

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