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Comfy Koalas – Eco Nappies


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. No prints, no inks, no dyes, no chlorine, no alcohol, no perfumes, no latex, PVC, TBT, antioxidants, phthalates or preservatives. Certified Oeko-Tex 100. 67% biodegradable plant based materials. FSC bamboo used,
Comfy Koalas are manufactured within an environmentally certified factory in Xiamen, China, which specialises in bamboo and has ethical workplace practices. This manufacturer is also OEKO-TEX® and FSC certified. Their manufacturer regularly undertakes audits by 'Amfori, Trade with Purpose' as part of their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. By manufacturing in China, they are able to reduce their environmental footprint, as they don't need to ship tonnes of bamboo to Australia for treatment and manufacturing, it's all done there. Furthermore they are a family-owned nappy brand and the rest of their team; marketing, business development, warehouse management, logistics are all based in Sydney's Northern Beaches.
Approximately 67% of a Comfy Koalas nappy is naturally biodegradable and plant based. Independent testing shows that 70% of our nappy breaks down in just 45 days. The bamboo is responsibly sourced, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified. They chose to make their nappy from bamboo because it's highly sustainable, renewable and doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides to grow. Comfy Koalas packaging is certified home compostable (made from GMO-free corn starch) and returns to the earth without a trace. They also focus on educating consumers about environmental impact and correct disposal methods. Furthermore they only use 100% recycled paper tape to seal boxes.
Comfy Koala have donated over 10,000 nappies. They proudly support the Nappy Collective, distributing unused nappies to families in crisis. They also donated 8000 nappies to the Nappies for Flood Communities’ appeal. They have contributed to the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Program to plant 200 beautiful native trees in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. The Yarra Yarra program is restoring the natural landscape and reconnecting habitats by linking small patches of remaining vegetation to create a 200km green corridor from inland to the coast.

What our experts say...


I really like the generous sizing, my baby’s skin is dry to touch when the nappy is wet and I haven’t found any leaking or odour when wet. These nappies are easy to put on and fit the body well. I found the tabs are easy to pull open, and I would purchase these again. I love what Comfy Koalas is doing for our Earth, and I think that it’s amazing that they work with The Nappy Collective.

–Samantha Gilmore


I love that these nappies come in completely compostable packaging and that they’re made from non-toxic materials. These nappies are nice and gentle on my bubs sensitive skin. I was able to easily get a comfortable fit and I love the convenience of the moisture indicator on the front of the nappy. As a cloth nappy mum these are a great choice for when I need a reliable disposable nappy while allowing me to still know that I’m not contributing to landfill! I love that these nappies are produced by an Australian family business and that they are educating consumers about correct disposal! I also love that they are so transparent about their production and materials used.

–Emma Meyer


My son loves the packaging and says comfy lala nappy which is super cute. They also have a high absorbency, which is great overnight. I was impressed that Comfy Koalas have met their manufacturers in person and inspected factories. That is big work that a lot of businesses do not bother with.

–Rebecca Sullivan

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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