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Conserving Beauty – Conserve You Face Oil



The lightweight, fast-absorbing Conserve You Face Oil addresses fine lines, dark spots, dehydration, and environmental stressors while also soothing inflammation, redness, and sensitivity. Infused with 8 potent oils including Squalane, Hemp Seed, and Jojoba Oil, it promotes revitalised skin.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including squalane, hemp seed, and jojoba oils.
Conserving Beauty sources ingredients responsibly and shows their origin transparently for each product. They use dissolvable, compostable, biodegradable and infinitely recyclable materials and only partner with suppliers that respect their farmers and manufacturing team with proper health and safety, fair pay and no child labour. The brand is also cruelty-free and vegan, partnering exclusively with suppliers who do not condone or test on animals.
Conserving Beauty has become the first global beauty partner of Water Footprint Network (WFN). The brand is working with WFN on a custom research project expected to be published later this year measuring the savings achieved by each of its Conserving Beauty products. The brand is also focusing on reducing the waste and carbon footprint of its products. It has developed dissolvable, compostable and recyclable packaging. The brand's products are manufactured ethically in Australia and include world-first patented fabric technology made from a water-soluble polymer.
Conserving Beauty has a partnership with SeaTrees to restore, plant and protect coastal ecosystems by planting mangrove trees for every purchase made or newsletter sign-up. The mangrove trees contribute to carbon sequestration and create critical habitats for threatened species in Bialik Island, Indonesia while also providing sustainable employment for two local villages and protecting the area from storm surges and rising sea levels. Furthermore the brand is led by an all-female board and follows a supplier conduct code to protect against discrimination, child labor, and ensure fair pay and freedom to leave.

Product reviews from our experts…


My skin drinks this face oil right up and it leaves my complexion looking so radiant and glowy – I am obsessed! It isn’t too heavy, absorbs nicely and layers beautifully with my other skincare and makeup products. I love this oil so much I have even been applying it to my cuticles as it repairs and restores dry skin, especially during winter.

I am also so impressed that they are the first global beauty partner of Water Footprint Network and that they are developing dissolvable products! That is so innovative and further reduces waste making their products even better for the planet. I love that their face oil is waterless so you truly get the benefits of the ingredients unlike other products whose formulas are diluted. Their commitment to the environment and protecting coastal ecosystems is truly admirable as well!

–Marisa Robinson


Packaged in a cute, round, glass bottle with a bright yellow lid, this light-weight, beautifully scented face oil does an incredible job at nourishing the skin and leaving it silky smooth, without creating the unwanted shine that some oils do. I also love adding a drop to my tinted SPF before applying it to my face as it helps create a beautifully smooth and even finish.

It is wonderful that the brand values transparency and includes ingredient sourcing, as well as environmental impact details, for each product on their website. I also love that Conserving Beauty is partnered with SeaTrees so that for every product purchase or sign-up to the brand’s newsletter, a mangrove tree is planted to restore and protect coastal ecosystems.

–Dominique Scott


The bottle is cute with nice packaging. The smell is not too strong and the face oil is absorbent and lightweight! We also love the brand’s water footprint network and seatrees partnership.

–Kirstie + Sarah

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