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CORE Kids – Eco-friendly child yoga mat


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Made with 100% recycled, sustainably harvested tree rubber.
CORE Kids have a business code of ethics and reflect on these practices continually to not only deliver quality products, but ones manufactured in a kind, compassionate way to the environment and all the way along the chain to the consumer. They also follow ethical practices. Their eco-mats manufacturer holds the following certifications; ISO9001 (products/services consistently meet customer standards), BSCI (social audit to achieve best practice on the supply chain for positive working conditions for staff and stakeholders) and SGS certification (processes, services, products and systems compliant with national/international standards).
CORE Kids use compostable mailers and recycled paper postage bags for fragile items. They also use biodegradable glitter, or opt for using leaves that have fallen and stamping them out to use in their calm jars. They use Kinfolk pantry bubble wands; Made in Australia from recycled wood-mill sawdust and PLA plastic (derived from plants), the bubble mixture is also natural. Handmade plantable seed cards by Swan River Daisies) are used as thank you cards. They aim to run a zero waste office, only printing when necessary and bringing their fruit scraps for compost are some of the steps being taken. They are plastic free where possible and try to source sustainable materials for use in their groups. They print advertisements using Black Rainbow (Australia’s first sustainable printers). CORE Kids mats are eco-friendly and biodegradable.
CORE kids supports these wonderful causes; Escabags (for victims fleeing domestic violence), Feeling Ruff (Mental health of vets), Shine Shed (Local disability services), Lismore Library book drive, Australia Reads Ambassador (donation of our time) and also supporting local schools and early learning centres. They have also launched the world's first International Kids Mindfulness Day on September 16th (a free online event for children globally to learn about mindfulness). Furthermore Australian artists have been featured and supported on their mats.

What our experts say...


Wow, what a beautiful yoga mat! My little yogini instantly started pulling shapes upon it and absolutely adores the colour and pattern. The rubber is soft and the grip is perfect for tiny feet. I love the included mini strap and bag! I love that this is made from 100% recycled, sustainably harvested tree rubber. I also love the incredible efforts by the brand to be ethical, sustainable and give back to local communities.

–Emma Freeman


The Core Kids Eco-friendly child yoga mat was the perfect size for my son. He absolutely loved the fun leopard print design. The mat is of a great quality – the thickness is just right, it’s soft and it doesn’t slip. It also comes in a cloth bag which makes it easy to carry around. I love that my son can join in yoga with me without having to steal my mat! Now I just need a matching adult mat! I also love the many things that this business does to support sustainability as well as the support of local charities and causes.

–Fiona Morouco


This is the sweetest kids yoga mat I ever did see! The kids loved rolling this one out and used it immediately. It felt super soft and padded too which helps for all of the crazy rolls and moves they do! Eco-friendly, vegan and made with 100% recycled materials as well which we love. I also love that the brand uses compostable mailers and other recycled products where they can.

–Lee Sutherland

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