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Cushii – Cushii Lounger



The Cushii Lounger is a lightweight, portable baby nest that offers cradling support for infants. It allows parents to effortlessly move it around the house or take it outdoors. Perfect for trips to the beach, park or visiting grandparents.

Made from a 100% Premium Certified sustainable Tencel outer with a 100% eco polyester inner, derived from recycled water bottles.
Cushii is dedicated to implementing ethical practices throughout their business operations. The company uses CERTIFIED TENCEL™ fibres to make their products, which require less water and produce fewer harmful chemicals than traditional cotton production, minimizing their environmental footprint. They provide transparent information to customers, prioritise fair treatment of workers by adhering to labour laws and offering development programs, give back to the community through charity partnerships, and aim to minimize their environmental footprint through eco-friendly packaging and sustainable suppliers.
Cushii uses premium sustainable Tencel fibres derived from farmed Eucalyptus trees to create their products. Tencel uses significantly less water than cotton as the water is recycled, and the solvent is reused to form new fibres with a recovery rate of over 99%. Additionally, Tencel does not leave behind harmful chemicals or waste after production. Cushii collaborates with local Australian artists to develop their seasonal prints, but currently manufactures their products in China due to the specialty embroidery featured on their loungers. They hope to explore local manufacturing options in the future.
Cushii prioritises the well-being of customers, contractors, and the environment in all its operations. The company provides a safe and healthy work environment for its team, uses sustainable materials and production methods, partners with local charities and organizations, and is committed to transparency and accountability. Cushii aims to reduce waste and conserve energy in all aspects of its operations, continuously reviewing and improving its practices to ensure it meets its social responsibility goals. By prioritizing the well-being of its employees, customers, and the environment, Cushii aims to create a more sustainable future for future generations.

Product reviews from our experts…


The comfort of this lounger is a stand out feature. It is ultra soft and looks so comfortable for my baby to rest on. I enjoyed the portability of this lounger. I received it just in time for a family getaway therefore I was able to enjoy the lounger’s convenience of providing a comfortable resting spot for my baby (other than cradling in my arms) wherever I travelled. My arms and back are very thankful!

The certified tencel is my favourite sustainable feature. I love that it is derived from eucalyptus trees and uses significantly less water than cotton. It is also great to see a brand use a material that is outside the generic box of cotton!

–Renee Anthony


When my babies were young, they would only settle in one’s arms. They wanted to feel that cradling and support and would sleep for hours that way. It meant that I had no chance to make lunch or shower without help. I truly wish this had been around then. Shaped in a way that it can offer safe head support and a soft, cocooning effect for bub, I have witnessed first hand how it gives bub security enough to be happy to be popped down. From their easily portable lounger, they are cool, comfortable and can see the world from a different perspective – enabling mum to actually drink her tea when it’s hot and get chores done! Life changing!

–Emily Fletcher


The Cushii Lounger is so soft and easy to pick up with the handle. I found we started to use this lounger a lot more than the alternatives because it was much softer. It is also so malleable so you can squish it up on the couch, which I like. It is very easy to move around with the handle too. I really enjoyed the Cushii Lounger!

–Dee Zibara

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