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Cygnet Perfumery – Antioxidant Essence



A fucoidan-rich facial treatment enhances skin elasticity, retains moisture, calms redness and promotes a smooth complexion. Daily use strengthens the skin’s natural defenses, shielding against environmental stressors, preserving the dermal structure and maintaining a balanced microbiome.

Formulated with excellent, organic clean ingredients, including organic wakame seaweed extract, rose otto and rosemary verbenone.
Cygnet Perfumery prioritises ethical practices, manufacturing all products in-house on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia to maintain control over ingredient sourcing and quality control. They trace the supply chain of ingredients to ensure ethical production, supporting small-scale farmers and distillers, as well as biotechnology companies, and sourcing locally whenever possible. Partnering with value-aligned suppliers, they opt for fair trade, organic, or artisan distilled products when unable to procure directly. Their commitment to ethical practices is reflected in all aspects of their business.
Cygnet Perfumery has made a commitment to sustainability by prioritizing soil health and biodiversity in their ingredient sourcing and using recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging. They source at least 70% of their ingredients from organic, biodynamic, regenerative and/or closed loop practices, plant a tree through Carbon Neutral for every skincare sale, pledge 1% of their sales to First Nations organizations and work with partners who align with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Their products are manufactured in small, fresh batches to eliminate waste and they use post-consumer materials for their mailer boxes, padding, and thank you notes.
Cygnet Perfumery is a female-founded business which acknowledges and respects the Bunurong/Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians of the lands and waters where they work. They pledge 1% of their sales to First Nations organizations, including Pay The Rent Grassroots Collective and Children's Ground and support female farmers and the organic/regenerative farming movement by sourcing ingredients that make a positive impact. One of their unique partnerships is sourcing organic rose geranium essential oil from a South African farm that employs and empowers rural women, partnering with Zingela Ulwagi, an NGO focused on women's empowerment.

Product reviews from our experts…


The cygnet perfumery product smells like summer days – super refreshing!! I loved the packaging made from recycled coffee cups! I have never seen this before so it makes me more inclined to recycle my coffee cup moving forward.

I also appreciate that they are committed to supporting so many various communities from First Nations in Australia to supporting farms in South Africa – Incredible!

–Catherine Jia


A heavenly addition to my skincare routine- the subtle, refreshing, sweet and floral scent lingers as I apply the rest of my skincare. The misting mechanism releases the perfect amount of face mist, leaving skin hydrated and dewy, but not drenched.

I love that Cygnet sources from local, small-scale farmers + distillers and that efforts are made to respect and take care of the earth and give back to local, First Nations communities. This is a brand that truly cares- social responsibility is not simply an afterthought.

–Emma Freeman


This is not your ordinary face mist! This is a sophisticated antioxidant essence designed to regenerate the beneficial microbes on your skin, as well as look absolutely spectacular on the bathroom countertop. It is fantastic to see a face product that considers our skin as the dynamic ecosystem that it is.

I am also impressed by Cygnet’s dedication to ethical practices, implemented through tracing ingredient supply chains and in-house formulating and manufacturing for example. The brand’s sustainability goal of aiming for 100% circular packaging by 2025 is commendable.

–Dominique Scott

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