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Daisy Graze – Grown Up Grazer’s Set


Made from PLA
Daisy Graze replaces the use of plastic dinnerware in homes, childcare and cafes. They are completely reusable with a long life span to reduce the use of single use tableware. Daisy Graze products are manufactured in China under ethical manufacturing conditions with third party auditing for certifications.
Daizy Graze products are made of PLA and fully biodegradable. They are presented in a recyclable cardboard box and posted wrapped in recycled hex wrap and tied with hemp string. Compostable mailbags with compostable mailing labels are also used. Furthermore any boxes received by the company are also reused for shipping single items.
Daisy Graze donate $1 from every sale through i=change, customers are able to choose which foundation it goes too; Seabin Foundation, Starlight Children’s Foundation or Beyond Blue. They also focus on educating the public about the benefits of PLA dinnerware and why it should be used in place of traditional plastic or single use tableware.

What our experts say...


This beautiful tableware set is stylish, functional and made from plants. I love that it can be used at home, at picnics and for camping. My kids love using it, too. I love that this is a non-plastic solution to reusable dinnerware and I appreciate Daisy’ Efforts to give back to society via I=Change.

–Emma Freeman


I loved how sturdy and strong this dinnerware set is. It is perfect for kids, perfect for travelling and perfect for adults too. The colour is also gorgeous and I enjoyed the ethical choice of material used and ethical manufacturing supply chain certifications. I loved how this is a great solution to combat single use plastic. It is a simple yet genius product idea that is well needed at many picnics and parties where the amount of plastic waste used on dinnerware blows my mind.

–Renee Carpenter


What an innovative product! Plant-based, compostable dinnerware that is also designed to be completely reusable as well as dishwasher and microwave safe! As a family of four, this 16 piece set covers us all for anything from a light snack to a three course meal. The lightweight, yet sturdy nature of each piece also means the set is perfect for park picnics or camping trips. I love that Daisy Graze have created a replacement for plastic dinnerware and that the brand donates $1 from every sale to Charity.

–Dominique Scott

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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