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Daisy Graze – The Everything Bowls



Introducing a set of 2 PLA (plant based) salad bowls with leak-proof and air-tight silicone lids. Combining functionality and style, these bowls are ideal for various settings.

Made from PLA with silicone leak proof lids.
The manufacturer of Daisy Graze products in China practices ethical business behaviour and does not engage in child labour or unsafe work conditions. They have provided an audit certificate to prove this.
Daisy Graze produces bowls made from a renewable source that is biodegradable and commercially compostable. Their lids are made of silicone rather than plastic and their packaging includes biodegradable mailer bags and reused cardboard boxes. The brand prioritises environmentally friendly choices in all components of their packaging, including compostable mail labels and tape.
Daisy Graze is an i=change partner and donates $1 from each sale to one of three chosen charities by the customer.

Product reviews from our experts…


I LOVE LOVE LOVE these bowls! I literally have been using them for everything! I have been mixing my sourdough in the larger one and everything else in the smaller one. They are very easy to clean, no staining and no leaks from the lids. The lids are probably my favourite part of the bowls. I love the airtight seal and that even when I tested tipping them upside down – no leaks! I love the colour of the bowls/lids, the way they stack inside each other is great for storage.

I love that the brand donates $1 from each sale to three chosen charities by the customer. I really like that the bowls are made from a renewable source that is biodegradable. Silicone lids are a plus! I also love that all of their packaging is environmentally friendly.

–Samantha Gilmore


I loved the feeling of the bowl. The fact that the materials are non toxic, makes me feel good about using the bowls and storing food in them. The lid has an excellent seal and keeps the contents of the bowl really fresh.

I think given the location of manufacturer it is excellent that the company has considered things like child labour and ensured it isn’t a part of their company. I also think the $1 donation per sale is great and love that the customer can choose their own charity!

–Amelia Davatzis


The Daisy Graze Everything Bowls include two sizes that are perfect for salads. They’re lightweight and sturdy and the silicone lids make them perfect for taking to picnics or storing leftovers at home. I also love that the business supports i=change and that the bowls are plant based.

–Fiona Morouco

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