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De’bee signature balms – Pucker Up Honey


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Pure beeswax, pure honey and certified organic extra virgin olive oil.
De'bee signature balms are certified Australian Made. Their ingredients are sourced directly from Victorian farmers, with the Olive Oil certified organic. Furthermore this product is accredited with the Victorian Farmers Market Association and is manufactured in-house.
This product is manufactured in a solar powered, home-based workshop. Any additional electricity required is purchased from green energy producers (hydro or other renewable methods). Rainwater is harvested on the property and services in excess of 98% of household and manufacturing workshop needs. They use silkscreen printed polypropylene packaging for their products to minimise environmental impact of transport. This packaging is also recyclable and does not contain any BPA. The outer cardboard box produced locally in Ballarat, is fully recyclable, and used only when requested. Their beeswax, olive oil and honey are sourced from within 205km of where they produce in Victoria, minimising their carbon footprint in the transport of more than 95% of raw ingredients over the product range.
De'bee is committed to the survival of honey bee populations because of their critical importance in food security as pollinators.They dedicate 10% of every online purchase to a trust account for honey bee research into their protection. De'bee also supports local fundraising events of schools, kindergartens and non-profit organisations with the supply of free products as requested

What our experts say...


De’Bee is edible. Literally. I love that the only ingredients are local EVOO, beeswax and honey. But if you don’t want to eat it, it will leave your lips feeling tasty instead! They align with their purpose, and support the survival of bees and the local community, which is vital for everyone.

–Sarah Berry


That subtle scent of honey is divine!! Very moisturising and beneficial for your lips. It’s a great everyday lip balm! I admire how this brand donates back to their main source of ingredients i.e. bees.

–Catherine Jia


This product really glides on and then stays thanks to a combination of olive oil and beeswax. It seems to moisturise well and has a light scent of olive oil, which is one the first ingredients in this three-ingredient balm. I like that they practice their values in their office setting and in their local sourcing and production in Victoria. It’s also really commendable that they set aside 10% of every single online order in a trust for honey bee research.

–Jessica Teas

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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