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Deeto – WonderWild



WonderWild is a greens powder designed to enhance daily wellness. It serves as a pleasant daily wellness supplement.

Made from excellent mostly Certified organic ingredients including spirulina, broccoli, nettle leaf and matcha.
Deeto's products are manufactured in Australia. Deeto is a new business with a drive to constantly improve.
Deeto keeps all boxes used to hold stock and provides them back to their manufacturers to be reused. Any additional boxes that can not be reused are donated to the local community to aid locals moving homes. The brand works hard to keep all of their packaging minimal and sustainable with as little waste as they can.
Deeto is focused on promoting general wellness, supporting the community and living a natural life.

Product reviews from our experts…


The packaging was simple and beautiful. I anticipated the taste to be really strong based on the greens/algae but I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the lemon notes. I enjoy this regularly in a smoothie with berries and bananas and didn’t need to add additional greens like I usually would to a smoothie. This blend was a really convenient way of getting another dose of nutrients in and as a busy Mum, I really appreciated some extra support. I also appreciate that most of the ingredients are organic – this is important to me!

–Zenaya Sol


This rich green coloured, plant-based powder is made up of the most spectacular ingredient combination. I particularly love the addition of Spirulina, Nettle leaf, Wheat Grass and St Mary’s Thistle. The WonderWild blend can simply be added to chilled water to create a zesty flavoured health drink your liver will thank you for.

I also love that Deeto considers wellness to be a daily practice and provides the means, through their nourishing blends, to create an everyday nutrient packaged ritual you can enjoy.

–Dominique Scott


A product being certified organic is important to me so I like that this is clear here.
It has simple packaging so I like that too.

–Lucia Rivas-Herry

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