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Delicious Vibrant Beauty – Cucumber Eye Balm



A cooling and calming eye cream that contains cucumber oil, known for its soothing and tightening properties. With a refreshing scent of fresh cucumbers, it effectively reduces inflammation. The inclusion of organic aloe vera gel, rich in amino acids – promotes the skin’s collagen production.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including cucumber oil, green tea, ginseng and organic camellia seed oil.
Delicious Vibrant Beauty is an Australian brand that emphasizes using natural and organic ingredients to promote healthy skin. Their products are handmade in small batches in their Milton store in New South Wales and they strive to use only the highest quality and ethically sourced ingredients. The brand is female-founded and all products are manufactured in Australia.
The brand uses recyclable glass containers and jars with minimal plastic packaging. They also use brown paper bags and paper wrapping in-store and re-use excess packaging for their own orders. Most of their products are handmade on site in small batches, reducing their manufacturing carbon footprint. The ingredients are ethically sourced from Australian companies, and they do not use excess packaging around individual products.
Delicious Vibrant Beauty is actively involved in the local community, attending fundraisers and community-led business events. The brand also hosts fundraising events such as the Biggest Morning Tea and donates to various community events as part of its social responsibility efforts.

Product reviews from our experts…


Fresh and light, this little delight worked hard to plump up my eye area but never made me go puffy which some eye creams do. This took me back to some of my first beauty rituals – cucumbers on the eyes! The perfect little pamper session, I used this morning and night to pep up the skin with it’s cooling aloe formula supercharged with green tea. Thank you for letting me relive my retro beauty rites of passage!

This is also the small batch ethos I love, they reuse their packaging, get involved in the local community and do their best to create high quality products without a big brand budget – their efforts are appreciated!

–Amy Hughes


I enjoyed the feel of this product and the cucumber felt soothing. The green from the chlorophyll is a nice touch. I liked that the aloe was the second ingredient instead of water.

It’s also nice that this is in glass and is small batch. I can see this stocked in smaller more specialist stores or gift shops!

–Erin Norden


Using cucumber in this balm really made the skin under my eyes feel instantly fresh and cooling! It was really hydrating and smooth and would easily glide on the skin. The soft scent was lovely without being overpowering. I liked that you could really feel the prescence of cucumber oil and aloe vera.

I was also impressed that they re-use excess packaging and that they do handmade small batches to reduce their carbon footprint. Their charity work and being involved in community events, very much aligns with my values and this was impressive to me!

–Amy Maree

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