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Denu – Relaxing Natural Bath Salts


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes epsom salts and lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary and geranium essential oils.
Denu products are made in Australia from natural ingredients. No synthetic colours or fragrances are used. Products are scented using pure and natural essential oils only. Products are animal cruelty free.
Recycled PET Jars are used for packaging, and are about to move to RPET Jars (not virgin plastic). Minimal packaging is used across the brand. Recyclable boxes made in Melbourne are used for postage along with hexcel wrap & tissue paper. Furthermore, Ingredients are sourced from Australia where possible to reduce their carbon footprint.
Denu donates a percentage of every sale to local charities such as the LightHouse Foundation.

What our experts say...


I am in love with the scent of this product. So strong yet not overpowering for maximum comfort. I love the neat packaging and branding. Dissolves very nicely. I really appreciate that no synthetic fragrances are used and the great recyclable packaging the product was shipped in. I also love that they support a local charity to give back to the community.

–Stephanie Kurlow


Smelt beautiful, felt beautiful and was presented in a wonderful way. I had several people smell the product who came to the house and every single one was blown away by the aroma. It was gorgeous. I felt totally relaxed after the bath and I am definitely going to be gifting some of these for Christmas. Love the use of natural ingredients. Love that it was all Australian made.

–Emily Ehlers


Oh my gosh the smell of this! I loved it. It was the perfect aromatic balance of calming, relaxing scents and effective oils to relax tired and sore muscles. This was my go to product after a long day on my feet. I liked the fine granules, the product melted away into the bath perfectly leaving little to no residue in the bath after use which was a huge bonus (less clean-up). I really loved the packaging too, I’m a real fan of minimalist branding so this really suited my bathroom. I was glad to read that they are moving to RPET jars, which comes from already recycled sources.

–Samantha Christian

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