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Dermagen by Botanical Chemist – Active 8 Serum



A hydrating oil serum formulated with Manuka, Lavender, Hemp Seed and Wild Thyme Oil. Soothes and nourishes dry, irritated or sensitive skin. Can be used as a serum under moisturiser or as an oil cleanser. Free from alcohol, preservatives, parabens and acids. Not suitable for open, broken or sensitive skin.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including Manuka, camellia, wild thyme and hemp seed oils.
Dermagen by Botanical Chemist aims to provide natural and effective skincare products to help manage eczema, dermatitis and Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) symptoms without relying heavily on antibiotics or steroids. They source their Manuka Oil samples from New Zealand and have found a local Manuka Oil Farm in Western Australia that yields high levels of triketones, working to incorporate their Manuka Oil into future products. They focus on transparency, testing their ingredients and manufacturing their products in WA to support the local economy. They also counsel patients through their online chat feature and emails using evidence-based approaches and refer them to medical attention if necessary.
Dermagen products are manufactured using sustainable resources, such as recycled plastic and bamboo. The use of recycled plastic not only reduces plastic production by up to 50%, but also keeps non-biodegradable waste out of landfills. The brand's decision to use plastic over glass containers is due to the need for germ-free products as dipping fingers into jars can introduce bacteria or fungus. Dermagen uses sustainably sourced Manuka Oil, which is harvested from trimmed Leptospermum Scoparium plants, unlike Manuka Honey which requires over-harvesting bees for medicinal properties. The brand also tries to use paper and cardboard when packaging, and their sturdy Dermagen boxes can be re-used for storage.
Dermagen invests in creative start-ups focused on solutions for climate change and supports those suffering from severe eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) through free advice and information online and donations to relevant charities such as ITSAN and Eczema Association Australasia. The brand sources oils that are ethically grown and harvested sustainably, and invests in education and awareness efforts, including launching i-Therapeutic modules on eczema and dermatitis for pharmacy assistants and pharmacists in Australia. The brand was started due to the founder's personal experience with severe eczema and the harmful effects of potent topical steroids.

Product reviews from our experts…


I was a little scared to apply something with such a strong scent and so many different oils in it at first, but my fear was quickly allayed after the first application. The herbal fragrance actually comes from the healing oils within and, in fact, had a mildly calming aromatherapeutic effect, which I liked. Eight healing oils in this oil serum did in fact cool and calm my complexion and were a great high-potency addition to what is otherwise a pretty mild skincare routine I keep thanks to my ultra-sensitive skin. It includes several oils with antibacterial properties, like wild thyme and hemp and calming properties, like lavender, paired with high-omega oils like hemp and rosehip and avocado. A high concentration of Camellia Oil meant that the serum dispersed and absorbed quickly into my skin as well without any oily residue.

The thing I found most compelling was the use of Manuka Oil versus Manuka Honey. I didn’t know anything about harvesting Manuka Honey (or Oil) and its impact on the local bee populations. It’s great that they’re also produced in Australia and that they contribute to businesses working on climate change. Their work with people suffering topical steroid withdrawal is commendable as well. It’s a little talked about issue but has a huge impact on the sufferer’s life, so kudos to them!

–Jessica Teas


The tube packaging is really neat, and nestled the glass bottle perfectly. I really loved the texture of this serum on my body, it brought my sun-damaged decolletage back to life.

I am particularly impressed by this brand – Dermagen by Botanical Chemists – niche support and expertise for those suffering from severe eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW). Their free advice and information online and donations to relevant charities such as ITSAN and Eczema Association Australasia must be hugely welcomed by those suffering from eczema.

–Amanda Ramsay


I really liked using this product and its complimentary use of ingredients. I love the smell of the oils and found it soaked into my skin easily. There was instant hydration and a calming effect. It’s a very generous, rich and nourishing product! I also appreciate that they have a very sustainable and thought out approach to ingredients and production.

–Corrine Sultana

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