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DermaGen by Botanical Chemist – Active 8 Serum


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes manuka, lavender, wild thyme, turmeric and evening primrose oils.
Based in Western Australia, DermaGen ensures each ingredient has been manufactured in a TGA-approved facility to the highest of ethical standards, without harm to people, animals or the natural environment. Oils are sourced from ISO-certified, cruelty-free, non-GMO and certified fair trade wholesalers.
Tubes for DermaGen products are made from a mixture of post-consumer recycled plastic and recyclable PET plastic. Products are posted in cardboard boxes and the company upcycle as much as possible, re-using packing materials from other packages received.
Through their products, online channels and medical industry relationships, DermaGen is committed to raising awareness and supporting those who suffer from Topical Steroid Withdrawal or Red Skin Syndrome. DermaGen has also invested $50,000 of profits into the climate-focused crowdfunding platform Raaise.

What our experts say...

A brilliant serum that instantly helps to hydrate the skin. Formulated with botanicals that help rejuvenate and nourish the skin. This serum is high performing and a must-have for sensitive skin types. A fantastic brand with great initiatives towards sustainability and climate change.

–Shahrzad Kahrobai

A soothing blend of skin-loving oils infused with the scent of eucalyptus, I found this serum to be a winning treat for my tired complexion. I enjoyed the ritual of massaging a few pumps along my pressure points before bed, and found myself reaching for it on my skin’s real off days. The brand has taken the clean and conscious message one step further through their support of individuals suffering with unique skin conditions. I love this sentiment, as the ethos behind the company is evolved and considered.

–Hannah Gay

It’s incredibly effective! It truly helps red skin and helps with my eczema flare ups. I find that I reach for cortisone cream far less often since using this. The products being Kosher and Halal is very inclusive and it’s really nice to see a brand making a conscious effort to make sure their products can be used by a variety of different people. They are very transparent with their efforts and reasons for things which is incredible. As an eczema sufferer, I love the work they do to spread awareness around TSW.

–Madeleine Edwards

I love that this was created by a pharmacist who is using her training and compounding experience to create potent and therapeutic formulations from botanic ingredients. A beautifully lightweight oil which can be used for all skin types as it won’t block pores and is rapidly absorbed. I love that whilst being gentle, it is made from potent botanics which are active in their anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, collagen producing and hydrating properties. My sensitive combination skin has cleared and simply glows after regular use of this serum.

–Emily Fletcher

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