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DermaGen by Botanical Chemist – Manuka Oil Balm


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes manuka oil, lavender and organic wild thyme oil.
Based in Western Australia, DermaGen ensures each ingredient has been manufactured in a TGA-approved facility to the highest of ethical standards, without harm to people, animals or the natural environment. Oils are sourced from ISO-certified, cruelty-free, non-GMO and certified fair trade wholesalers.
Tubes for DermaGen products are made from a mixture of post-consumer recycled plastic and recyclable PET plastic. Products are posted in cardboard boxes and the company upcycle as much as possible, re-using packing materials from other packages received.
Through their products, online channels and medical industry relationships, DermaGen is committed to raising awareness and supporting those who suffer from Topical Steroid Withdrawal or Red Skin Syndrome. DermaGen has also invested $50,000 of profits into the climate-focused crowdfunding platform Raaise.

What our experts say...

DermaGen have made a wonderful balm that is really useful for the whole family. I found it healed my bites well and took the itch out of the skin. This is a great steroid free alternative for skin conditions. I look forward to trying it over a long period of time to see its results. Wonderful to see such a focus on science and personal care in the formulation of these products. A commitment to ongoing research is also strong.

–Corrine Sultana

The smell is absolutely divine. I mean when you put it on, you just want to put more of it on for the smell. And then I used it on a stubborn scratch on a part of my arm which has dry sun-damaged skin and it actually helped speed up the wound-healing tremendously. I am very impressed by the diligence and detailed thinking that has gone into the decisions around packaging.

–Alena Turley

I’ve got children who are big mosquito bite scratchers and this balm has been magic for them (and me!) Not only does it soothe the itch, it also contains Manuka oil which acts as both an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, which protects a heavily itched bite from turning nasty. Highly recommended!

– Emily Fletcher

This versatile little balm has been applied to dry skin, insect bites, grazes and even puppy teeth bites in our home. The Manuka oil does a wonderful job of soothing and healing scratches and bites while reducing inflammation. I’m incredibly impressed with DermaGen’s overwhelming efforts to give back to society on several different fronts.

–Emma Freeman

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