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DermaGen by Botanical Chemist – Propolis Balm


Bronze + Editor's Choice
Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes propolis, manuka oil, calendula and shea butter.
Based in Western Australia, DermaGen ensures each ingredient has been manufactured in a TGA-approved facility to the highest of ethical standards, without harm to people, animals or the natural environment. Oils are sourced from ISO-certified, cruelty-free, non-GMO and certified fair trade wholesalers.
Tubes for DermaGen products are made from a mixture of post-consumer recycled plastic and recyclable PET plastic. Products are posted in cardboard boxes and the company upcycle as much as possible, re-using packing materials from other packages received.
Through their products, online channels and medical industry relationships, DermaGen is committed to raising awareness and supporting those who suffer from Topical Steroid Withdrawal or Red Skin Syndrome. DermaGen has also invested $50,000 of profits into the climate-focused crowdfunding platform Raaise.

What our experts say...

I loved the dried flowers that came in the packaging, a very nice touch. I really like how the product applies a protective barrier and heals the area. It was really great for any acne and helped speed up healing. It feels moisturising but not too heavy on the skin. The packaging is nice and easy to use and the perfect travel size. I love that the brand is committed to ethical and sustainable practices. They are well educated in what packaging they need to use that has the least impact on their environment.

–Stephanie Kurlow

This product gave the perfect balance of science and nature! The formula was incredibly nourishing and I used the whole tube really quickly. I love the fact that they use propolis. This product was wonderful and I am going to buy more from them, along with trying some of their other products. I love that DermaGen ensure the safety of people and the planet all the way through the supply chain and are committed to making change to their packaging when the time is right.

–Sam Christian

The smell is truly wonderful – eucalyptus with overtones of honey. I’ve got really stubborn dermatitis which has been somewhat relieved when using this balm. I love the local, people-centered approach and the offer to make customisable products. That offering is truly unique. I know it’s harder to maintain as the company grows, but please strive to stay with that approach.

– Ria Andriani

As a mother to two young outgoing children, this has become my secret weapon. It’s cleared up stubborn eczema patches, soothed grazes and so much more. Formulated with powerful active ingredients and yet in a formulation that is so gentle on the skin, this is an incredible product with anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. I’d pop it in the first aid kit if it hadn’t taken up residence in my handbag to accompany us on every adventure! I have been so impressed to learn how much this amazing business gives back and I love that as they are also a compounding pharmacy and can personalise both ingredients and size of product for you!

–Emily Fletcher

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